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I need to replace Monomimus, but with what?


It was fun and strong dino until it took a nerf bat to the head… It’s now getting one shot left and right and costing me matches and arena points.

I am loath to lose the months of effort, coins and grinding (devolve option anyone?) on this bird, but it seems that I have no choice left but to replace it or continue losing and dropping.

I am considering these dinos, but whatever I choose will need weeks of grinding to reach team level.

  1. Suchotater
  2. Monolometrodon
  3. Grypolyth
  4. Indom
  5. Postimetrodon (but with Tryo on team will be very hard to level Posti.)
  6. Draco G2

Anything I am missing that could replace Mono? So far I am leaning twords Sucho, but not sure if I want Sucho and Spino on the same team or not, and Spino isn’t going anywhere.


From what I have faced I would say Erlidomiwatsit


Why not Erlidominus? Fast, immune, dodging and strong (tho it‘s helpless against invincibility)?


And yes … I have had wine


@GermanRaptor … that’s what I meant to say


Erlidom is very nice, but with the rarity of Erliki, it would take a year to get her to team level.

Maybe if they ever get around to fixing the strike tower bug that prevents it from being part of the events.


I like using erlidom even at 22


get a stegodeus. replace tryo with thor.


Let’s see what happens during the next update. I think Monomimus got grossly nerved and I mean excessive. I think it deserves a little more life and consider that reasonable.


I will say erlindom is the best bet for you or magna


That’s what’s happens when people start complaining about this dino is op waaaaaaaahhhh. I say work hard for it and join the fun.

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From your list suchotator maybe currently the best one, easy to level if you have enough coins. I’m also running both spino and sucho and I see no problems. DG2 is probably going to get nerfed and indom/eirldom will eat Rex DNA which you already have indoraptor and tryko that are already eating them. Grypo, unless it’s buffed next patch, won’t be that great (Currently all dinos that do 1X full counter aren’t that great).

Still, most optimal choice would be waiting for next update.


Our lord and savior, the hybrid Queen, Indominus Rex

She is so much fun. Keeps winning almost hopeless matches for me like the champion of Dr. Wu she is.

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@Raven … levelled beyond hybrid fodder … seeing more 21s … is it working?


It absolutely does if you ask me. I keep seeing lvl 24-26 I-Rexes and they are MONSTERS.

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Why? I just leveled my Monomimus to 25, and she is a valuable member of my team. Yes, she’s a glass cannon, but she has saved me many times. Evasive stance works 50% of the time… and sometimes much more :laughing:


Erlidom. Even at 21 that thing is going to wreak havoc.

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