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I need to wait 1000 years

1000 YEARS!!!

I wanted to go in to Ludia Forums with my normal account called NatKatten and somehow there was a duplicate account that i dont know of and i dont know how it got there. Also, i need to wait 1000 years till i can use it agian, ill be dead when that happens. What do i do? I used my own email to make my first account and there was a duplicate account with no reason. Do you guys know what happened?


My original account: Profile - NatKatten - Ludia Forums

R u sure u will be dead by then XD

Yes, and humans will be a exctinct speices XD

Honestly for some reason it’s kinda creepy for some reason

lol why is it creepy?

Think about when the profile is unsuspended in the year 3021 that’s when aliens invaded the entire planet and the thing said you are unsuspended when you are dead so basically you are texting as a ghost it’s like the forums wants to make you dead

Dude!!! Chill :joy:. U r also giving me bad vibes



Welp, 1000 years more till i “DIE” im so excited :smiley:

1000 YEARS!!!

Ok, after this happened a mod saw it and gave me my old account back and this one gets suspended, i for some reason i clicked dismiss and then i can not get it back intil a mod sees it agian… I need to stop messing up now…

DadJokes may have competition!