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I need video ideas

I need help with video ideas because views are going down.

My discord isn’t much help and I want to know what will work out.

If your idea turns into a video I’ll give you credit.

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Just an idea but you could make a video covering a tournament and your tourney team, you could do some friendly battles, you could review your team, and you could do strike tower videos.


What videos should I make more of

  • Raid videos
  • Fusing/ Unlocking videos
  • Darting videos
  • Incubator videos
  • New (Reply)

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Reviewing certain creatures

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I was going to start that soon

I’m not sure, but maybe try to make your thumbnails more appealing to users- bright colors, big fonts, cool backgrounds and other things tend to draw in more views. :slight_smile:


Like @Kind_Pegasus_95 said, you could make the thumbnails a tad more appealing with brighter colors or something. For example, with the vulture unlocking you could do a “argentavis unlocking and showcase” where you do the darting and creating whilst also showcasing stats and moves and how it does in battle(friendly, tourney, strike tower. Etc)
Perhaps battle videos could be something(tournaments, strike towers, arenas, raids) along with showcasing new creatures. Hope this can be of some help

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I think it’s best, like everyone else said, to work on your thumbnails. They are good, but they could be better. Maybe use screenshots in-game instead of the thumbnails you have already, like when you unlock a creature like @Snake_Dude said. Or you can go with what @Kind_Pegasus_95 said and have big bright colors with eye-catching fonts or pictures. Other than that, I think maybe battle videos and raids would attract people’s attention. Also, try reworking your video’s title, like if you do a Ceramagnus raid with the Irritator, you could write, “First win at a Ceramagnus raid with an Irritator”, something that describes the video a bit more. Take time and explore the creators that do jwa and take notes from their thumbnails and titles


I noticed how that raid videos have the check on it.
Maybe should change it to something else.

This is my most viewed video

@Snake_Dude idea was the right one.
At the pace my alliance is going I could get quetzorion

i can give a suggestion

You can play different types of jurrasic world games
like -
Jurrasic world the game
Lego jurrasic world
Jurrasic world evolution
2-speak while you play and post a video every day and you can get a lot of views and subscribers
3- if you can draw jw alive dinosaurs you should do that also on yt

I dont reveal my voice in my videos

um okay so don’t do that

and i can give you some games which can get you lot of views

and try to play apex raids atleast 5-6 times everyday

I would say do what you like doing and don’t care about views, you’ll grow it takes time


Tbh u need to be a better player then to make some quality content.

For example unlocking Allosinosaurus is not as much trilling as unlocking a Mortem Rex.

And if u r a really good player ppl would be impressed to see your team and u doing PvP/tournament.

And u may make some interesting raid stat, not for unique legendary but for apex. Like ProC, Powerful Rubbish, Swapm Chomp and ect.

I want to ask.

How does 1 hadros raid get more views than the ceramagnus raid video

Need to see the vedio then.