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I need video ideas

I would love to give advice but I don’t understand what gets views :rofl:

I make a bunch of raid videos (upload pretty often) but the video with the most views is a short of Scorpy G3 vs the alberto strike. All I will say is that was very unexpected XD

Maybe people like watching battles and I should do some of them!

Here is a stygionyx

Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 5.17.15 PM

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I’ve got my own.

This 100%. Grow your channel around your interests.

Clickbait :crazy_face:
But in all seriousness, like others said, make thumbnails more appealing to the audience.

I rarely bother with most JWA channels because I’m not interested in watching battle reports. I’d be more interested in discussions about JWA topics, the meta, casual vs competitive, hybrids vs prehistorics, hows and whys… that sort of thing.

Skill tournaments videos are my favorites, I would definitely watch yours too

So I used @Snake_Dude @Random @Kind_Pegasus_95 advice which is change the thumbnails.

Recent 3 are the changed ones.

I love them!

Honestly, I love the Amazing Critical RNG thumbnail! Just seeing the: Shut, to Hadros is just perfect!

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