I need your expertise

I can’t seem to win consistently and I feel like I should swap out a dino or 2 but I just can’t decide who. Currently I’m at 3800 trophies but have been bouncing between 3700 and 4100.
Any advice would be really great!

I’d swap your Monomimus for Trago. Your emu is too low a level and will be one shotted or need to rely on RNG to win. Trago is leveled well and one of the better tanks in my opinion.


I’d also recommend that you swap Monomimus for Tragodistis… @Scubasteve has given you some solid advice!


Lvl 16 monomim likely source of quite a few losses they really only decent at finishing a wounded Dino for cleanup currently looses to almost anything 1v1 with that runty hp

okay, thanks for the advice! i really want to use my rajakylosaurus but he gets absolutely stomped with the current battle system of shield breakers and bleeders.

If you face a bleeder and you have it in you’re pack swap in right away you’re indom just my opinion but I would say it’s you’re only chance against them although others may disagree

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Putting in an immune is one way of dealing with bleeders. The other is to use dinos with cleansing abilities… The two that come to mind, because they are on my team, are Indoraptor and Gorgosuchus.

Yeah I’ve got my indo and indom in my team partly for that reason I was just saying for him because he doesn’t have them as far as I can see

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