I need your opinion

Hello fellow JWA players. I’ve been having problems in the battle arena. I’m lossing too many fights. Not because I’m bad, but I feel my team lacks something. I’m in Lockwood State. This is my team:

These are the candidates:

What do you suggest? What am I lacking? What should I invest in?

i think tany should go. no longer usefull against indo head on. and ppl are taking mimus off of their teams. plus hes so scrawny he dies quick. once you level some dinos up they may help you more.

stego is still very usefull so i would level her up. gorg migh help you out right now untill you get some uniques. monostego or stegoceratops would be hellfull right now.

i would get utahsinoraptor up to level 20. use her and try to unlock utarinex

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sometimes you need to do more leveling and creating then battling. but most ppl want results now!! so they will over level creatures then in the future end up replacing them. i would try to focus on leveling the right ones used for hybrids. use those to fight untill you can unlock more.

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Your team is almost identical to mine, I’m at around 4700 trophies currently. I think you just need to get em all leveled up more. For instance my Stegodeos is 25.

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Here’s mine

Tany isn’t actually in my team I wanted to swapp for something else and I accidentally put it there. My biggest problem is cash

Great advise. That is my problem, cash always limits my posibilities

stegodeus is great still but… stegosaurus is hatd to find now.

I would tell you not to worry too much if during a specific period you have lost many times. That happens periodically, I do not know if by a failure in the pairings or just by chance. In the last days I have gone from 4700 to 4280 and now I am in 4480. I lost a lot of battles in a row and this is not the first time that happens to me. At the moment I’m not worried, although I may worry about the end of the tournament. I advise you the same. Look at your last rivals, think if your teams are similar, superior or inferior to yours and decide what your real level is. In my case, I think that the real level is close to 4600 and, therefore, it is my reference level.

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If anything I would say you need to narrow your focus. Pick some dinos you like and work on leveling them up. I see you have a ton of dinos at level 16-18. If they are not going to be used in battle, they just suck up your coins. I still collect DNA from any and all dinos I see but don’t level them up.

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What Im noticing is that the Indominus is really becoming a big problem, even more than Indoraptor because at least the latter can be stunned, bled or slowed. More so since 1.5 released. I’ve been loosing a lot because of the RNG. Monostegotops is a good option, but unfortunately I don’t encounter Monolophosaurus very often so its very low level right now. My other debuff dinos aren’t strong enough to be in my team

Thats actually a good advice. I’ve been spending quite a lot because I could not decide what to do. I think Im going with Tragodistis for now, its pretty high level. Im saving money for now on

I want to add that since posting on here I’ve been knocked down to 4624 trophies. The pattern that I’m seeing is that my Dino’s are way under-leveled now too. And yeah Stegosaurus has literally disappeared from the game. Getting to 5000 trophies is rough dude lol

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I would also say that if you plan on keeping Indominus on your team. Level it up to at least 21. You will see a ton of them at level 20 beacause people camp out there while working on Indoraptor. If you have a 21, every time you meet Indom vs Indom you get the priority. Also, it kills everything that doesn’t have a shield.

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Tyrannolophosaur is a good option as well, with nullifying strike as basic move & distracting move. So you can choose which option to go first, depending on the opp dino.

I’m around 4200+ trophy n have just put it in my team. It just took out a lvl23 indoraptor with 2 crits, with evasive active no less. I just went for defense shattering strike both times.
Or I’m just on a lucky streak :smile:

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This is what I have so far…working on Spinotasuchus atm…its taking forever with 4 10s in a row

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Lost 5 in a row today due to RNG…man I hate that…

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Stormi_Wolffe I feel you :smile:

The last couple of days have been pure RNG massacre for me in the arena. Stopped counting how many times the opponent had crits or 100% cloak/evasive/stun.
Lot of you here say that RNG will balance itself out in the long run but still waiting for it to happen :sweat_smile:

Yes, Tyrannolophosaurus is great. But mine is way too underleveled. What annoys me is that its still too slow

I think just leveling your team and replacing Tany will help. Personally would put in Trago for your team but it’s up to you. I like his playstyle

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