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I only have one question

Where can we find a CARBONEMYS because I found one next to a park and nowhere else within a radius of 12 kilometers

In parks, and if you have an aquarium in your city, go check it out too.
It’s rate, seems to be even more rare than pteranodon, but it exists.

Do you have a carbonemys?

Yes, it’s level 14.

Could you help me I’m 148/150 DNA points

I wouldn’t know how :slight_smile: My alliance is full and I’m not leaving it for even a second!
You should try to join a bigger aliance where they have them in sanctuaries. In mine there’s about 20 carbos spread out over the sanctuaries :slight_smile:

What is the name of your alliance?

Does it matter? It’s full :slight_smile: And we’re not leaking members, we kick maybe one per month and then try our best to find a good replacement. Are you a good replacement?

Pounce Global is the name.

This answer your question?

All dinosaurs on my team have stats boosts

Again, we’re full, but if you are a daily active player who does battles, all dailies, opens the DBI and occasionally chats then you can apply.
But waiting for a spot to open is pointless, I suggest you apply for another one.

I know it’s full

That’s why I placed orders on 5 different alliances