I play 3 hours a day and can't keep up


Literally, before the tournament reset I was at 4200, had no problems staying at that score, since then I’ve continued to improve my team and struggled to get above 4000. I only spend $ on the level-up deals,Are y’all just playing more then me? or spending more than me? :slight_smile:


I’d be playing more than that but spending less, as I’ve skipped most of the oto’s. It is consistently more difficult to maintain a spot since the reset but that’s just because more people are trying to climb. Overall, I’d say most people’s win rate would be down.

I have enjoyed this tournament though personally!


I play daily for about most of the day and still only have 2580 trophies. I haven’t purchased any One Time Offer yet though when I first started I did spend some on 2(?) Epic Incubators, I can’t remember the exact amount of Incubators I brought via buying hard cash but I know it’s under 5. I also brought VIP recently so there’s that. I would spend more $ but I don’t have a job nor do I get allowance yet so I just make-do with playing longer.b


I’ve not reached that many trophies like you yet but I have noticed it’s harder to get back to Sorna Marshes (I’m 2700’s) since the reset. All the harder and higher players must find it easier back to our levels ready to level up again and knocking us smallest down again. It will happen in time though.