I play with opponents much stronger than I in trophies


I have 3700 trophies and I play six people above 4000 trophies. Why do I have to play with people who are cpmpatible with my score?


If you’re in a high arena, you got your answer. There’s probably only so many in 7 and 8 even now, so it’s gonba match you as close as possible since bots were fully removed. I’ll take a player with a high trophy count over a Lv30 bot.


Yeah at 4100 I was playing people at 3800 I’ve dropped back down there now but I don’t get how the arenas can be crossmatched


Still not as bad as me at 4200 and i faced a 4950 person :joy: same arena but huge gap


Christ, I would :poop: myself


You would chocolate ice cream yourself :joy::joy::joy: