I played the same opponent twice in a row last night

Is this a common occurrence? I always look at the name after and often spy on their team so I know it was the same player. We battled twice in a row and their name only came up once on the friends list. I’ve never had that happen before.

I think I played the same person 3 times. It can happen when it’s really late in the high arenas


Same happened to me. Luckily it was someone who was dropping arenas so it was free wins. But it also pushed me up higher than I should be and man, did I ever get my back side handed to me when I got a player who wasn’t dropping…


It’s regular for me. At 5000 trophies you face almost only the same guys.


That makes sense, it was shortly after that when my winning streak came to an end. Seems tougher to win when close to advancing arenas.

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Most of the people have the habit of clicking “Battle” once the previous match is over. If you are high up in the arenas/it’s odd time when there are not much players in your range, then chance are pretty high you face the same opponent.

I have had occurrences where I played the same player 4 times (like during last day of tournament 2 (5K+ trophies)) and kept loosing since the opponent team was too strong with multiple high level uniques. One way to avoid this is to keep some gap between matches hoping the opponent found another match already or battle some other time.


On a good note I beat em twice lol

It makes sense as you are obviously appropriately the same level and would be looking for an opponent at the same time. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more.
Doesn’t really matter anyway as you will battle with different Dino’s so you get a different experience.

yeah. i’m at 5k trophies. i always wait a bit before battling after one ends so you don’t get the same person over and over

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Take a moment, visit with the team and have a pep talk :yum:

I keep knocking on Lockwood’s door at 4980 when I get the “Hormel Chavez” treatment and drop back to 4800

You guys are too obsessed by who you are fighting!

I do a battle and move on! I never screenshot anything! The sreenshooters crack me up! I haven’t looked at my recent list in a long time! Honestly knowing who my opponents are and what they have dose not interest me!

So you don’t know if it happens often? I originally asked a question about playing the same people and don’t appreciate being judged.

I have repeated opponents about 50 times and played a third about 10 times. I like the third match when we each have split the first 2.

I imagine the higher the rank the smaller the group so it happens more. Good to know :blush:

There have been nights that i battle Pidrox or SIAMfirefox about 10x in a row. But that’s also because there aren’t many players in my trophy range.


Yes it’s only about your trophy range and who is online. I play almost only against @neodejavu when he’s online :slightly_smiling_face:


MAXX, i watched a youtube channel, is that your production?

Yeah i have a channel named JWA Clips


the content is good…maybe the lowering the speed a little bit would be even better