I present you the NEW HYBRID 😍😍😍


I have it too. I really wanna use it on my team to replace Erlidom due to it getting nerfed badly due to evasion changes. Just gotta get it to team level first :sunglasses:

How is it btw, if youve used it yet

My Rat that you oh so laughed at people for it’s minor nerf would eat that up in one lovely swap-in. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Looks so dumb lol. Only new one I don’t have is the tany unique. I ran out of quetz but probably will be out of pterodactyl and since I’m not using boost and it’s oy in incubators I guess I’m screwed for s while. I think I’m over half way on the unique too :-/

Yeah, the RAT nerf is way overblown, against the β€˜usual suspect’ creatures I face in lockwood, the nerf is minimal.

Just like the Magna nerf, that thing is still a team clearer with boosts.

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Yeah the rat works still against tryko as well just need a little more math… as long as swap ins happen before stuff like instant invinc… this was a buff against the majority of the meta…

And yeah like i said magna nerf barely hurt him for the most part.

I hope in DNA pachicephalosaurus for bringing it at level 26 minimum… It should be ready for fight :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

looks like an armadillo fused with a cat