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I probably deserve it


To be honest I didn’t initially think I deserve to have my account reset because I spoofed for less than an hour on one single day based on a stupid youtube video before I was made aware that it was considered cheating. I am a noob at mobile gaming and didn’t even know what these words meant before joining the forums.

I was losing sleep worrying that so much hard work would go down the drain for one bad day/hour. But I felt better about it when I realised I’ve been cheating all along without spoofing or hacking. Over 40% of the DNA I’ve collected was while I was driving, with another 50% bought through incubators (about $2-2.5k). I’d take my car out for hours in search of raptors, rexes or stegosaurs and I’d tell the Owen popup that I’m a passenger.

I’ve sent my mail 3-4 days ago regarding my hour or so of spoofing (barely collected a few hundred or dna while supposedly cheating) and I’m still awaiting a reply, but even in the worst case scenario that everything’s wiped off, it won’t hurt as much knowing that I haven’t really followed the rules all along - not in a way that its unfair to other players, but for my own safety.

At 3550 trophies right now but I’m not going to play further till Ludia replies and my future with the game is certain. I’ve been a JP fanatic since TLW at the age of 4 in 1997 so I’m obsessed with the game - just wanted to confess the truth so please don’t judge or hate me :frowning: I’m gonna miss these guys </3

Tldr i got most of my DNA while driving…


Spoofing is spoofing there’s no excuse.


I sure hope you drive exactly the speed limit every where you go and be sure not to go 1 mile over and get a ticket because speeding is speeding!

I sure hope one day you aren’t 1 penny short on getting that medicine for your family cause if you can’t afford it you shouldn’t have it!


I don’t recall where I said spoofing wasn’t spoofing and I’ve have already accepted the most likely outcome… but thanks for the words of wisdom


Sorry jai my comments were directed at the person directly above me not at you


I got it thats why I deleted my post. My apologies


No worries I never saw it lol


I do hunt usually on my car rarely i go for a walk for hunting would this look like im spoofing?


Not really because youd be driving within the same 100km radius or so. I think it’s considered spoofing when you do stuff like jumping countries or states which I unfortunately and so foolishly did and will most likely pay the price for it.

Someone ought to pull down those youtube videos that lead more newbies into cheating without realising. There are JP fans that never played Pokemon go that might play this game and fall for spoofers horrinle advice. Not everybody goes through the TOS before playing a game. Too late for me now but if ludia could put up warnings or something in-game it might help other newbies. Just my 2 cents


Thank god i was a bit concerned about it i allways drive around 40-50kmh max when im hunting


Yeah youre safe in terms of this whole spoofing thing but it isn’t exactly safe. I almost got into 2 accidents when I tried to get epic dna while driving. Better to pull over and do the deed even if its a little further away


Dude everyone who have a car drive, thats not against tos cause game let passenger to play whit a advise. And this game isnt very rewarding walking 1 dino each 1km at 45 ° (south spain im august we have 45,50°)in my city is not very confortable.

That i dont know is how you have so bad team (no ofense) wasting 2,5k euros and driving so many hours you said. Even my gf who wasted 0 euros have betters dinos xd


I wasn’t too familiar with how this type of game works because I never played pokemon go. Just downloaded this because it was JP and got addicted to it. After reading the forums the day before yesterday I discovered so many things like farming those common dinos for hybrid dna lol. I used to think the higher the level the better my chances regardless of the dinosaur.

3 days before the spoof ban was announced I was tired of getting beaten by people with legendary and unique hybrids so I went to youtube to check how to get more DNA to make hybrids and I came across a video by a spoofer - thats how I cheated for the first time. But I stopped the same day when I went through the comments and some people said its considered cheating. Wish I read the comments or joined this forum before. Sigh

And regarding my team, i think these guys did alright to get me to 3500 trophies :yum: But please tell me your gf’s secret lol I want a better team too


The secret is grind a lot, and dont do stupid things like overlevel comons.
But where you wasted2, 5k euros, i wasted that mpre or less too and got tons of epic dna to do some legendaries


I wasted all of it buying incubators leveling up my commons and buying coins to do that. I leveled up everything as soon as I got dna for it. That was my mistake. Maybe this whole reset thing is good for me since I’ll get my purchases back and can play it right this time


What did you get for 2.5k euros?


I thought the same thing. Can’t believe that’s a 2.5k team! I’m in for less than 10% of that and fared way better.

Honestly if I were you I would hope my account got reset. Read the forums a bit and figure out how to spend that money better. You will come out much better in the long run.


Ahaha I love you guys lol now I don’t feel so bad about the account reset. Wish Ludia would hurry up with it though it’s been almost 4 days now!


Yeah don’t sweat it man. Just do some research and play smart. No reason you shouldn’t end up top 20 with 2.5k in your bank.


I’d normally get the green ‘premium’ incubator and then buy the smaller blue ‘rare’ incubators with whatever’s left and then I’d level up every creature I got. I know I’m a noob lol