I propose changes to the number of trophies won/lost in matches (modified Elo rating system)

TL;DR: The game should have a “relative strength” calculation that drives trophy awards in battle matchups, including more variables, not just total trophy count.

Let’s modify the existing Elo rating system for trophy wins/losses. It seems as though the current Elo rating only factors-in total trophy count, but a single-variable operator is flawed in this setting when there are so many other relevant variables. Trophy points awarded in a win, or lost in a defeat, should be driven by your relative strength vs. the opponent. The number of times I’ve had what is, by all accounts, an underdog loss take 35+ trophies, only to turn around and win the next battle 3-1 as an underdog, but only get 28 trophies, is maddening. I’m absolutely fine with underdog matches, but players shouldn’t lose 38 points after going up against a L29 Stegodeus and the rest of the squad in that range when the rest of their team is closer to L24.

I’ve worked out a rudimentary algorithm for “relative strength,” but rather than post the fine details, I’m laying-down some broad strokes for discussion. Relative strength should include variables such as:

  • Total damage potential of your team
  • Total defense potential, including armor (and slowdowns?)
  • Average dinosaur level on your team
  • Player level differential
  • Trophy/arena level differential

Other variables that could factor into trophies awarded:

  • Total damage done to opponent
  • Total damage sustained by you
  • Margin of victory
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be a zero sum game calculation; if we consider 30 trophies as a baseline, an underdog winning an extra 8 trophies doesn’t necessarily mean that the stronger loser should only get 22 trophies.

I fully recognize that several of the variables could be very difficult to accurately and fairly represent in a formula (e.g. total defense… Including stunning moves? Including or not including slowing?), and there’s the potential to overcomplicate things (e.g. ratio of stunners to immune), but in concept, I can clearly see a formula that would yield a more appropriate number of trophies won/lost in both even-strength and lopsided matchups. I can also see a way to implement such a formula in a way that doesn’t simply cause some players to stack the deck to “game” the formula.