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I Propose Committees to advocate on behalf of the Players

We’ll call it the Jurassic World Alive: ROAR of the Residents Initiative. It will be a quarterly summit where three committees meet via virtual means to discuss the state of the game and give player input from representatives elected by the players themselves.

There would be three committees:

The Carnivore Committee. This committee would consist of 3 individuals who advocate for radical ideas for the game on behalf of players.

The Herbivore Committee. This committee would consist of 3 individuals who advocate for traditional ideas for the game on behalf of players.

The Omnivore Committee. This committee would consist of 3 individuals who are responsible for meeting in the middle and compromising between the two other committees to propose the best three ideas set forth each quarter to have one ultimately chosen by a Staff member to be either denied or approved.

The one thing would be that there must be one idea approved per year from the player base.

The elections will be held once a year and all members elected serve a 2 year term.

Thoughts? Do you approve of this?

Let your Voices be heard!
In the form of a ROAR!


Renaissance Open Advocacy Representatives


I, for one, would run for the Carnivore Committee.

No, I play this game to escape politics, not partake in them. Ludia just needs to communicate a bit more. (@moderators if you could pass this along)


It’s just a way for us to be heard. Look other games have benefited from this and I feel that implementing such an idea now could help things before there is any kind of dip in interest, descent in revenue or division in player base.

If you don’t want to elect anyone or participate directly, fine. This is already impacting you. The only difference is now players would have a more prominent say and chance at really being heard properly. Anyone who would say no to this really doesn’t care about themselves.


While it isn’t an unreasonable idea, @th3bub14 put my feelings down perfectly lol. The parallel to politics is definitely off-putting, which isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but…yeah.


Here’s the thing, the devs make the game, not the players. If the players are unhappy with the current system, the devs here and fix it. If they don’t it’s almost always their fault for not being open to communication. This player base is very vocal, so ideas are pitched and unhappiness spreads all the time.


But this is about a systemic approach to getting our voices heard beyond “this needs to be nerfed or buffed” but on a grander scale. It is also a guarantee out of four summits per year that at least once per year they must… MUST approve and set one idea into motion. This is truly tremendous.

Would there be reprecussions? How would this work? Would Ludia even agree? This is an international community and petitions laws are different wherever you go. You might be able to petition in America, but maybe not in Canada. I’m not familiar with it so idk for sure, but we can’t just force Ludia to do something. It’s not right from a moral standpoint and won’t be able to be carried out.


If you’re comment wasn’t so RELEVANT I would laugh. “Alas”, I wish Ludia WOULD communicate. Necessary evil perhaps? For those interested in partaking…

Well it would be a situation where they would be obligated to do so. The way this would all be written up it would be legally binding. This has been done before. Not exactly in the exact format I’m proposing, but it has been done. The Jurassic World Alive: R.O.A.R. of the Residents Initiative will make those nine individuals a player representative branch of the staff in a way, so we’d have an obligation to have our place matter and get things done within those two year terms. Each group is guaranteed to pass a minimum of two proposals within a two year period. It’s fair. And the maximum you can have is eight.

We voice concerns and ideas here on the forums, but come on, let’s not get deluded. Ludia is a decently sized video game developer. They’re doing what they want and we play it. The mods pass along things and popular good ideas (Resistances was a well received community idea), but anything and everything is ultimately in the devs hands. They’re not making and taking game design from some elected forum goers, they have paid staff for that. Besides that, this is a licensed game IP through Universal, so sometimes things are directed from even higher up if hype need be built.

TL;DR: Voice concerns, trust the mods.


you can propose a committee, even arrange one. Doesn’t mean Ludia has to listen to it at all. They won’t be obligated to listen since they themselves never agreed to set one up.


I don’t think it would work, simply because Ludia does want they want to do, based on stats they can pull out directly from their server, and money is the drive behind their choices… Also, how would you pick those guys? From the ones that post their opinions 20 times a day (even if we got it the first time), or make the 10th thread about the same subject because they think their opinion is too important to be shared in on of the other 9 threads about the exact same subject? Honestly, I visit this place because I always value everybody’s opinion and from there, I can make my own. But I could barely name 9 guys I would want on those committiees… (I’m very close, I’ve about 6 or 7 good choices in mind, but as an example, I would not even vote on myself!)


Well, it would be a vote here on the official forums and anyone wanting to run for specific Committee could campaign on social media as well as the forums to convince you as to why they should serve on that particular Committee.

As far as it not working you all are being in the now and this idea, if set in motion, would be what is at that time. You have to think of it as though it were actualized. This has worked in the past and it will work in the future. I think it is imperative that we, as a community, support our needs and it may be that you are in favor of sticking to what you know because it is routine, but what about what you don’t know?

That’s exactly why we have three separate Committees. Because we all think differently.

We are lobbying for it to become a thing in this very thread. I realize this, but if this were to become set in motion then these Committees would be very very important to the community and they would work directly with the Community Manager (if there is one) they would not simply speak to the moderators here. They would talk to the team either directly or with a representative in a virtual meeting.

Yet another reason this would fail. There are very few people who could do this competently and without corruption and even fewer who want to do this.

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Out of the entire world and player base I’m sure we can find 9 to serve with 3 on each individual Committee.


The only rule would be no community celebrities. If you are someone like Elena Rees or PokeFodder you can’t get in because it should not be a popularity contest and these people already sometimes get to interact with them on some levels, it varies from game to game and team to team, but that needs to be a thing.

But you also need to know that this community is not a democracy or a republic. It’s an oligarchy, and Ludia are the people in charge. They try to keep us happy, but ultimately they control the game.


i personally don’t care one way or the other. i’d rather not take part in it if it does get implemented. i just don’t like getting into politics on platforms i use to get away from it.


Why do people keep saying this? You are not understanding the way the system works. This is simply a mechanism to keep our voices heard at a much higher and official level that is a community guarantee. This isn’t about them not being in charge of their own game anymore. This is about a system that adds value to the opinion and demands, the wants and needs of the consumer. And remember… the customer is always right. Vote Sophie Schweinitz 2020.