I purchased two items and although I paid them and lost money I didn’t receive them

It says “product unavailable” but I paid for them. Will I get them or will I get a refund?

Hey Little_Prince, could you please email our support team at support+forums@ludia.com? Our team would be happy to assist you with your purchase issue. :smiley:

If you could include your support key and the purchase receipt in your email as well, it’d really help our team out.


I got one of the two items purchased yesterday with an in game apology yesterday late at night. Still waiting for the second one and still no reply from support

So I bought the $9.99 level up reward cuz I just recently got to level 12 and then when I went to buy it I got an error but they took my money and I didn’t receive anything! I restarted the game and everything and nothing has been refunded I have the receipt that it was taken out for $10.59

The same thing just happened to me a little over an hour ago… Except I tried to buy the Anurognathus Elite bundle for $100. It gave me an error and the money was taken out of my account. I was relying on the hard cash from the bundle to buy the boosts this weekend because they have a bunch of them in the store right now. I’m going to be very upset if they don’t help me before the boosts go away this weekend… @Ned is there any way at all to reach someone quicker??

Hello Shyfox and marko141. Our support team will do everything they can to get this resolved if you email them at support+alive@ludia.com with your support key and receipt included.

Thank you!

Wow, so purchasing issue happening? Well I will not buy anything until this issue is completely fixed

Same thing happened to me yesterday. Money gone and just error message instead of my incubator. Contacted support and just got to automated replies that an agent will reply and support was more busy than usual. Contacted Apple Store to claim my refund now. And cured regarding any further in app purchase

Same thing with me Friday I bought a $34.99 pack got a error message so stupid me I purchased again same error but got a sorry incubator I asked for help via game I sent a email via Twitter and nothing I sent my receipt of purchase and charges I got no where near the $70 charged I did get the $20 charge I did so this game took $90 and no help am so pissed and I been playing since day 2 of game release and bought many things

Ludia has been no help to us players aka customers again I’ve benn playing since day two of game came out am very pissed am not asking for a refund I want what I was charged $70 worth, how about a reply again on Twitter I sent my receipt my key #jose3611

Hey Jose_Manuelito_Corte. I’m sorry to hear that you were having trouble with your purchase.

If you haven’t already, could I ask you to please email our support team through email at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and purchase details? Our team would be more than happy to assist you further once they receive your message.


Has anyone gotten what they paid for? I haven’t at least not yet

I’m sorry to hear that your purchase issue has not been resolved yet, Jose_Manuelito_Corte.

If you have already reached out to our support team, our team will try their best to get back to you within a few business days.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your message until our team replies. Doing so can reset your position in their ticket queue.


Have a friend with the same issue. Please update here if you get your refund! I know they posted something on Twitter last Friday about an issue with the GooglePlayStore, but I’m also waiting to hear updates about it :smirk:

Hey nothing yet am sure they fixing the issue i don’t think they will let slide but I keep ya posted

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Hi Moeneek. Could you let your friend know to contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com if they haven’t already. Thanks!

Rest assured our team is still working to resolve this as soon as possible for everyone, Jose_Manuelito_Corte.

Yeah speak with the support team they are on it fixing issue just give it time

Thanks guys and yes, he reached out right away. But it’s been over a week, and it’s still not resolved. They’re allegedly looking into it for him though :frowning:

Same here got a email on the 19 saying I will be granted my purchases because it’s all legit just 1/4 business days well it’s now 29th 6 business days and nothing ! I just sent a message thru the game I should get a lil extra like that finger waving no emoji

That is very strange, Jose_Manuelito_Corte, and I apologize again for the delay.:thinking:

Our team will definitely check up on this once they get the chance to review your follow-up message. Hopefully, you’ll be able to receive your missing purchases ASAP.