I purchased two items and although I paid them and lost money I didn’t receive them

I again sent a text via game I am now so pissed as a player/customer very disappointed got everything all that was asked for what more do I need? Am very impatient if it was $5 ok I’ll wait but come on $70 and u charged me that day at this point I want my rewards and more

Well sent another txt via game get the same stupid message that they experiencing more volume how about those who got ripped off first? I again provide everything got granted it’s legit yet nothing I will keep writing here and game till I get mine some may say am crying again not $5 it’s $70 I will contact bank I will push legal matters I will mention on podcast! And am in a wheelchair recovering from stroke not much I can do come Monday if nothing I’ll quit the game u had more then enough time if u don’t wanna give me my rewards just say so I’ll shut up and go stop being around the bush with these automated messages asking of covid and of this helps

I can realise we have capitalism and nothing is free. But you guys are really money grabbers. You don’t care about anything else. You will lose your customers if you continue in the same path. You take money (ridiculous prices) and you fix nothing.

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Man no response??? Ludia cares nothing I should shut up and consider my $70 stolen and magically appeared in Ludia’s pocket because here and in the game I get the same BS “oh we working on it’

Problem solved thank u team all I wanted I could have asked for refund but I do enjoy the game more and being in wheelchair recovering from stupid stroke this my gate a way, I rather ask for rewards then money because u guys need to make money too I thank u and apologize for my angry words