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"I quit posts" [June 7th, 2019]

There has been an increase in “I quit” posts lately. Though we do not want to prevent people from voicing their opinions these posts will now be locked when found, without exception.

Our reason behind this is that they more often than not they devolve into arguments and trolling threads which are not constructive.

We will not prevent forums user form creating these post, we will simply lock them on discovery going forward.

Thank you all for your understanding.


Thanks again mods, awesome!


Or is it because everyone’s starting to realize how much this game sucks now that you put the boosts in play. And now you all went and messed up the trophies. I lost one battle, 2-3, and I lost 32 trophies. Another battle I won 3-1 and I gained 18. How the hell is that fair. I was steadily in the mid to upper 3600’s. Now I cant hardly get above 3200. All because I wont buy the boosts and support the death of this game. And now you have people who realize they’re gonna lose so they start swapping out every turn. Which I’m assuming is a cheat to not lose so many trophies, maybe.


Yeah I remember when Jurassic world alive first started I said I was quitting but never did. I think most get upset in the moment and post silly things . Most will just quit without saying anything. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:



I use to be a top 150-250 player every old tourney now not in top 500 but that’s the way it is . Yeah it’s tough but if you really enjoy the game you’ll figure a way around it. To me it seems the boosts all matter where applied. It does upset me that dino level isn’t the main factor of who goes first but I’m getting use to it. :+1: YES I still complain sometimes in alliance chat but I think everyone’s use to it haha :rofl:

Hope you find a way to enjoy the game again :slightly_smiling_face:



The boosts are the nails in the coffin and should be removed to save the game.


Whats worse, is these guys, with all uniques, in level 7-8 arenas. They have level 25, boosted thor, 1 hit killing my whole team.
Seriously, its not fair or fun.
If you are in arena 7, and have a level 25 thor, indo, and utar, and i have 0 uniques (which is exactly how many i have), you shouldnt be fighting me unless either, A. You really suck at strategy. Or B. You lost on purpose a bunch of times, just so you could climb back up with 1 hit kills all day. Either way, it isnt amy fun, and I will milk that clock as long as possible. If yoi are going to waste my time, i’m wasting every second of yours.


Ohh that would suck boosted out Thor in this arena ! They should do a new system capping depending on your level or do they? Perhaps they play more often and collect DNA for the Thor ?


Thank you!GOT IT!

Guys how to quit vip ?

Hey chupaccabra_el, you’ll be able to manage your game subscription from your app store. I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I need your help my game is not connecting to my account i lost evrything i realy need help

Hey chupaccabra_el, if you’re having issues logging into the game with a Google account, please rest assured that our team is aware. Sadly, the situation is outside their control at the moment.

You can help me because i put a lot of money on this game and it impossible to restart from 20 lvl to back 1. I’ve tried evrything.

If you had lost access to your account, could you contact our support team here at Our team would be happy to try and help you once they see your message. If you remember any details from your old account, such as your support key, please make sure to include it in your email. Thanks!

Thankx a lot Ned but i’ve removed the app than clean all the cache by Google Play than i instal again the game than connect whit pipen and Guess what “It Work again” i like this game

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I’m happy to hear that it’s working again! :smiley: