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I quit Solid Gold Packs!

I have opened 9 Solid Gold Packs till date,and have not received a single Jurassic! I think I should quit Solid Gold Packs,and look onto saving 20k LPs or so,or probably,perhaps,save up all my loyalty points for a month and wait for a Jurassic to arrive in the 20k packs! My luck is ridiculous! I know many players who are around my level and have been getting more VIP Jurassics than I will get in a year! So I have decided to focus on 20k packs!

Ya it’s a good decision considering that u have opened 9 solid gold packs and not even received one Jurassic!! But my luck in this pack isn’t too bad, I opened 7 and I got 4 Jurassic.

If you have not yet guessed,you are one of those lucky ones I was speaking of,it has been 2 months and 0 Jurassic, so in 1 year:- (0 in 2 months,so 2 times 6 is 12 months) 0 times 6=0

Well this is the best time to grind lps. Isn’t it? (The stakeholders visit event)

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Well,the best time to get banned!

Lol… Yeah :joy::joy: .

Well…no. I grinded 15k LPs yesterday and I’m fine.

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Have you seen the Fair play rules?

Yes. I’ve already expressed my thoughts on it somewhere else.

its ludias fault and until they fix it its fair game, plus its OK because we arent getting progress on CoT in return for grinding resources


I’d say stick to Solid Gold packs. You’re just unlucky, and the fact that you’ve got no Jurassics so far doesn’t affect the chances of you getting them in the future. The Solid Gold packs are objectively better value for currency.


The decision is entirely up to you, I do think your luck will turn around and you will get a streak of jurassics as i did when i was in your shoes and make out for the better. But getting to pick what you want from the 20k packs is always enticing, however you might be waiting months for something of interest to come around at the same time.

From the forums it seems like you are pretty into the game and play a good bit and show not signs of slowing down, it might be worth it for you to consider going VIP. You will get lots of perks especially the ability to do 11k LP trades for VIP’s that you want when they pop up on top of all the other perks.

My jurassic to non jurassic in the 10k packs has balanced out fairly well, there are still a few jurassics i don’t have and i have multiples of a few. Recently i have received 3 turtles out of maybe the last 5 packs… not thrilled but i will keep getting the 10k packs. All the ceno and aquatic vip’s have been super great for doing a little bit of pvp and the PvE so they are growing on me. My daughters game got her 3rd Presto, and after that her forth tylosaurus lol and last night her second Hyanodon but even still hers is pretty balanced out as well.

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Does this mean that you too had really bad luck with Jurassics when you started?

I guess my luck might eventually turn around,I guess I will keep track of this,I think I can stack as many LP as possible during the next 2 months and spend them all at once and see whether it benefits or not.

Yeah, but if they think it’s unfair then they’ll compensate players with the rewards they would have won.
Exploiting a bug probably isn’t a very good way of dealing with the situation. It isn’t worth the risk.


Yeah, my luck was fairly poor at first.

I think the 1st pack i got was an Apatosaurus so it was quite exciting, but after that i think i had received 2 jurassics out of maybe the next 10 or 11 packs. So maybe not quite as bad of luck as you but i was getting frustrated either way.

Like you i decided to save for 20k packs instead of leaving it up to luck of the 10k packs. I saved for a couple months, like 50 or 60k or so (non vip) waiting for a jurassic i wanted to pop up in the 20k pack. After waiting what felt like forever a concavenator popped up in the 20k pack. I bought it, but my patience had run thin and i wasn’t gonna wait another 2 months for something else so i just blew the remaining LP’s on 10k packs. I got 3 jurassics out of the 4 i bought which was awesome, and after that my luck balanced out a little more, getting a fair amount of jurassics so i have been sticking with the 10k packs and been happy with the results,


My first SG gave me a Thylacosmilus. The second gave me an Eolambia. Then I got 2 Tylosaururuses and so on, but my Jurassic VIP list is 2x level 10 Eolambias, 2x level 10 Eudimorphodon and 1 level 10 Baryonyx. Some of these came from the VIP Prize drop. But @anon43877113 since you’re not a VIP, I would suggest you save up for 20K LPs and get yourself that Eolambia/Baryonyx/Tanycolagreus/Apatosaurus/Pterodactylus/Eudimorphodon/Concavenator that you always wanted. Patience is the key.

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I will save up for a month

Awesome, @anon43877113. Patience is the key! By the way, if you wanted to choose, which VIP Jurassic would you want to have? I would say you need a Prestosuchus in your team seeing your carnivores, but if you wanted to choose who would you want to own?

Pterodactylus and Eudimorphodon all the way,all pterosaurs are amazing,and all false crocs and armoured monsters are amazing!