I quit the game EVERYTIME someone use Dracocera. If people want to win, I just give up. Is that okay?

The number of high-level Dracocera have grown and players keep using cheep wins and don’t care to level their team equal.

If players want to kill, regenerat and swap - Sure do! But I will not be there anymore in the game.

The dino is broken and players abuse this to MAXIMUM. That’s why it’s popular, and people use every boost on it.

Is there any more players who just quit and don’t care?


Learn to play! You can Kill dracoceratopous whith one hit.


You can also quit every time someone doesn’t use dracocera. They probably want to win regardless.


At least you could try requesting a refund.


I don’t believe I see anyone playing like this. I’d assume it’s a connection failure if they started default moves.

My DC is 29 tier 5’s. Everyone else seems to handle it. Actually started working on an Edmontoguanodon to support the thing.


It’s more than fine.
What time do you play?


So with what dino should I kill it with 1 hit?

Please let me know.

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All you need is a Dino that’s faster and does more damage


Hmm… How do you think?

No need to do this. Just accept it and move on. Focusing on how you like using the Dinos you love and don’t be too bothered by this. That’s how I do. Treasure the moments when you pull off your plan and won the game.

And, my support to fellow who uses Darwez. It’s like a much fairer and funner version of it.

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You’re right mate :black_heart:

Combo-decks and fun teams are only 5% of the battles.

Most players just want to slay others.

Maby we should start a New club, for fun combinations and enjoyment of dinos.


The fact that this thread is over a DC with 2500 hp makes it even funnier than before :rofl:


If you don’t want to win when you play this game, why do you play it?


U have to grow up your dinosaurs! Stop crying! Check this out!


So everyone should use same dinos to kill same dinos everyone have?

How is that fun?

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You’re right, rather than using counters it’s much more fun to quit every other battle.

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It dosen’t matter.

Even if you play in lower arenas it could be hard to face, because equal dinos at same level or less, dosen’t have any rampage-moves for one-shoot.

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It’s one thing to win under fair circumstances, but when you can’t use your second or third move, because something is swaped in with 2000+ damage - The balance is out of work.

Why dosen’t every dino have rampage avaliable as the FIRST move then?

Most DC users save it to do a win! I will pull it out for a win or when I want to take down at least one opponent dinosaur when I am losing because I don’t fight for incubators or trophies only for the daily! Anyone that pulls out the DC in the middle of the game doesn’t know how to use it! It is a glass cannon with a powerful first punch! Regeneration and run is IMO a stupid move because now your opponent knows what you have and can counter accordingly!

I use regeneration and run on strike towers because the AI although is good it doesn’t think like a real person

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Learn to lose. Its a game. You win, others win. And protip: boost your draco.