I quit the game EVERYTIME someone use Dracocera. If people want to win, I just give up. Is that okay?

Guess you will have to get a boosted Thor or Tryko with high damage. As you can see everyone uses it. Hopefully you don’t use the rat and complain about it. I still don’t use it I just boost Thor and Tenrex more.

Like another “Remy”


lol I should do that some time

Listen me: I spent one year, every day for growing up my dinosaurs. Well, you have to do the same if you want to become really strong. Stop crying, make experience and spend more time into the game.

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There ya go.
Use something with swap in distract.
Just try to time it correctly.

The only good Swap-in distraction creature that has good attack and health is “Sumo”

You cant use your b or c team then cry cause you dont have counters to peoples A team.

At this point you need to accept this game has a tier list… Ludia intentionally designs it this way. Only a small number of dinos are going to be viable. Either accept that and quit the game… or accept it and continue to enjoy the game for what it is.

Finding a new way for you to complain about the same thing every day isnt gonna change anything.

This thread might as well be titled “i found a new way to complain about meta dinos”


Imo, the only problems with Draco is the people that spam it, and the fact that it cannot be contained becuase it can ignore basic game design, that every other dino in the game has to follow.

Its more or less immune to any lockdown, pin, or universal swap penalty.

The swap in attack itself is fine though.

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2500 hp dc with under 1k damage lmao if that’s the worst thing u have to worry about I reccomend u just uninstall the game now. Because I have news for you… That’s tissue paper compared to what’s to come later


Fine by me. Makes my win that much easier. God forbid people play their best dinos and try to win. I’ve beat plenty of teams that have draco. It’s certainly one of the top 8 dinos, but it’s not unbeatable.



Would like to see the op’s reaction to this :joy: and this isn’t even a overly boosted one. Decent at best


I just make them wait 13-14 seconds before I choose my next move every turn. Same for people who rely on evasive


At 2,514 they could easily get 1-shotted by Thor or Indo.

I had a salty noob do that and end up losing because it took him 2 sec to realize we have a speed tie, was hilarious :joy:


It sounds like you are bringing a Swiss army knife to a gunfight. :smirk:

So after adding Draco to my team, it has helped get me that final blow for the win a few times now. I don’t use it like others on the first dino as my DC would be nothing more than cannon fodder.

Where I was hanging right around 4K trophy’s between getting 3 boosts and 4 boosts from the daily incu-booster, I have climbed up to 4.2K to where a small loosing streak isn’t going to knock me down below 4K. I’m not planning to super boost the thing. It’s just a game finisher either for the final blow or to get 2 take down’s instead of just one towards my daily.


I like to keep my rat on the bench. Though I probably could cheap shot a few players to climb some more trophies. But its been this long without it, might aswell hold out.

I hate how its so easy to get and spammy creature. Its annoying. But I don’t stop playing I just choose my Thor right away. Its a perfect Thor setup so I can wipe the rest of the team out.

Here’s what normally happens. They rely heavily on there boosted DC. They swap it in to kill your dino and try to spam it. Its there gameplan. But it breaks when Thor comes out. Because you can 1 shot DC with its basic move and then it opens up the rest of Thors set. For whatever is going to come next is going to get hit hard in most cases.

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Some of the DC’s have more hit points than Thors first chomp unless Thor gets a crit. It doesn’t bother me if they get DC out because I get free big hit and assume they will use it the next chance which is quite predictable. When draco gets my first dino, I usually win 3 to 1, even if they get it out because of the free hits.

I can hold my own in trophy position without DC but am using it to get comfortably above the 4K for the three 4 daily boosts.

Yesterday, I had someone use DC on my first. They got it out and used it again predictably but I swapped when they swapped it in the 2nd time. So I took out their DC on the 2nd swap-in, then took out their 2nd dino and on their third dino, I used my DC to finish the game for the win.

Don’t ever say DC removes strategy from the game. That cheep shot is part of the winning strategy and predicting early users re-use of draco is part of the strategy.

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I recommend an improved dimondatylus, but no speed, so when the rat comes out, you catch it and, as we say in my country: Le partes su cara a golpes!!!