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I²R Dinos 10/9,10/8, teir 8, 1 lvl 20 sanc semi-hardcore alliance recruiting

I Squared R Dinos are recruiting

We are an extremely active alliance semi-hardcore alliance. We are a 10/8 or 10/9 alliance

While we are extremely active we don’t have any insane rules or requirements
We just expect
•1 D.B.I on average per day, it’s ok if you can’t get it on some days

• 10 kills in tourney

• do not place dinos in our shared sanc

•3000+ trophies (can negotiate for active players under this requirement)

And of course most importantly be polite

If you want to be a part of our

alliance DM me on discord Daylan2003#1265

Currently have 2 spaces remaining, looking for high level players higher that 3500 trophies, we get teir 8 and have 1 level 20 sanc

Add me at Daylan2003#1265 or join using the link above

All spaces have been filled

Update: 1 spot again, remember was removed due to 0 score @GTA Ik you were looking for a spot and it was filled so I’ll save the spot for you if you would still like to join

I joined and then you kicked me right away

0 score in arena

I didn’t join until this morning

0 scores doesn’t correlate to joining an alliance,it correlates to monthly reset, which was over 48 hours ago

Hmm… I guess he doesn’t want to join, ok well we have this 1 spot remaining, looking for a very active member above 3500 trophies, ideally over 4000 trophies , join our server from the link above or send me a DM on discord, you can read more on our alliance there

On par for 10/9 weekly rewards this week

Ok all spots are filled, may not have any openings until next season, everyone is free to join the server for raids

Link is above

Alliance currently full but anyone can join to raid with us

If there is ever an opening I’d love to join. 4500+ trophies and log on at least once a day when possible.

Gamertag: TheWildReportYoutub #4977

Sure , I’ll post here if we have any opening, most likely it will be next championship since everyone is active and does their 10 kills

Some info on us
We are ranked 133rd in the tournament with 89 600 points and got 10/9 this week

We have 1 rare spot open, looking for a daily active player over 4000 trophies who like to battle particularly

If you are lower than this but can show good tournament scores DM me on discord at Daylan2003#1265

If you join the server DM me as I don’t know if you joined to apply for a spot or for raids

Still have that 1 spot

All spaces are filled

Currently looking for 1 member who is over 4000 trophies and ideally loves battling
On track for teir 8
2 level 20 sancs