I reached Arena 6-(Team Tips)

I have just reached Arena 6,today morning,and I lost my first match in there,instantly,I had written a similar thread when i entered Arena 5,and i think i will continue to when in need,but yes,getting back to the topic,I need some suggestions for my hangar,last time on the forums I was told that I needed more legendaries,but u made it through Arena 5 with only 1 Legendary,Indominus Rex,with slight adjustments to my team like the additions of Purutaurus,Indom Gen2,and Brontolasmus. Now I feel like I need a legendary,cause during my final 2 matches in the Badlands,one of them had a Tyrannolophosaurus and Indoraptor Gen 2 at base level and the other one had Phorusaura and Tyrannolophosaurus,out of which I won one and lost the other,that is when I realised the need for more legendaries in the team,so I need some suggestions to go for,these are my current options:-
Tragodistis(I have 3500 Parasaurolophus and mine is level 16,and Amargocephalus is level 14,another 35 dna to 15)
Dsungaia(because Dsungaripterus is in the events this week and mine is level 8 at the moment)
Monolometrodon(The hybrid pursuit for Monolorhino will help out getting Dimetrodon Gen 2 DNA.)
Gorgosuchus(Yes,another Epic,I have been saving my Kaprosuchus DNA for Spinotasuchus but I have faced quite a few Gorgosuchus in Badlands and it feels like a faster T-Rex with its Ferocious Strike and Defense Shattering Rampage)

Definitely get Dsungaia and Gorgosuchus. Gaia is good with its counter, plus ferocious strike combo. It will do you good. And get Gorgo, because… it’s Gorgo and if you have ferocious strike set up, you can do lots of damage with DSR. Spinota wouldn’t do you much good in this meta. I would suggest Indo G2 instead of Tyrannolo and Paramoloch instead of Tragod because it’s a good staller, but really it’s your choice. Definitely get hybrid components like Allosinosaurus, Utasinoraptor, Diloranosaurus, and start levelling up your Indom to get to Indoraptor level.

Hope this helps☺️

Sure,Thanks,I have my Stigymoloch at level 12,so I am not sure if I can do that,My blue is still level 11 and so is Indominus Rex Gen 2,so I cannot do much with that,are you sure Gorgosuchus would fit the team better than Spinotasuchus? I mean both of them do a pretty good job,but Spinotasuchus is a legendary and I already have Kaprosuchus at level 14.

I am not aiming for Tyrannolophosaurus but I faced them is what I say.

Gorgosuchus is more like a substitute for my T-Rex as it is a faster t Rex

Spinotasuchus is a good legendary, best bleeder there is, but bleed wont do you any good in this meta. I would rather have a lvl 21 Gorgosuchus instead of Spinoconstrictor lol, cause bleed is that pathetic(now). You can get it, sure and use it for later, but now Gorgo is better.

Then you always have the option of Megalosuchus… but I don’t think it’s that good

K. Will try,Spinotasuchus might help me in the Strike Events.

I have never thought of Megalosuchus as it is only worth the counter attack , maybe Monolometro

Yeah, definitely, I’m trying to get Spinota( I don’t have it yet) mainly for that

I have 96 Megalogaia but have 0/100 megaloceros

I need Loads of Kaprosuchus DNA for Spinotasuchus though

I have 95/150 gorgosuchus

Ha ah yes, but we do get Kapro in the alliance rewards, so maybe you have a chance

My Indom is Level 18 , so Indoraptor will take a while,mainly the T-Rex DNA

Yeah!Hopefully,my alliance reached Rank 8 in both Terms this time,but that only got mine to level 14

It sucks that alliance incubators need give dna based on your player level too

Yes, it is a slow process but eventually you’ll get. What I think is best is that you get legendaries that are hybrid components, since superhybrids, after some time will do you no good. It may seem like a long way, but slowly, you’ll get there.

So true…


Yeah,I have 223/250 sinoceratops to get my Sinoceratops upto 15,then I can start fusing for allosinosaurus

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