I really enjoy the epic strike events

To me, the epic strike events is one of the most exciting features of this game. I play since May and during the first epic events my team was pretty low level (about 11-13 maybe), so if I didn’t come up with some extremely fancy and thoroughly worked-out battle plan, the level 30 monsters would to just wipe the floor with my dinos. Since then my team has of course evolved (highest Stegodeus 20 and Indom 20 now, no Spinotasuchus yet) but the towers are still extremely challenging most of the time, such that I succeed only at half of them at the first try (and another 25% at the second). In fact, I already find myself thinking about a suitable battle strategy the days before the actual event, as soon as the monsters have been leaked during the week.

Thank you Ludia!


Eh I spent like 6 hours preparing for this one and it all went to hell. This Diloracheirus duo with turn two swap out just annihilated me. It was brutal. I see all these post of people doing guides on how to bleed them and never did they swap on turn two. … man I gotta get over this and stop whinging about it. This is like the fifth time. No one cares dude you lost. Go have a lollipop :lollipop:


Yeah, I might have made it had it not swapped, as it seemed to do for the successful teams…but of course it swapped. Ah well.

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I really like them as well. I think they are funner then regular arena and also have MUCH better rewards :sunglasses:


True. I was fun until…

Initially there was one L30 dino.
Then it became 2 L30 dinos.
Soon it will become 3 L30 dinos.

So, thank you for the short-term enjoyment.

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The level 30 strikes are some of most fun I’ve ever had in this game :smile:

They also give rewards that are MUCH better then anything I have gotten from the arena, save maybe the ultra rare 24h incubators, which still arent as good, imo.


It swapped on turn two three times against me. Complete disaster


Generally they are fun. Except the Indoraptor level 30 + Alankylosaurus level 30 and this weeks Diloracheirus level 30 + Diloranosaurus level 30.

No epic strike tower should ever contain level 30 unique + something level 30. Just no.

Beating a level 30 Diloracheirus or Indoraptor alone is bad as it is. These strike towers are ridiculous.

Also I would be fine with them if they used the same strategy for everyone. But I as well got dunked on because the bots decided to do the complete opposite they should have had.


Same! It was a disaster lol

But isn’t this exactly what makes it so exciting? You can not rely on them using some “standard” order of moves. That’s why, in my opinion, even though of course your battle team needs to be highly specalized for the task, you still need some 2nd (and maybe 3rd) option in case something goes wrong (even if it’s “only” a 5% crit).


Yeah I would be okay with it, if it was more tries. But I genuinely raged when I payed for 200 bucks and didn’t even make on the second try, cause the bots decided to take the piss on me.

So far I’ve beat all but 2 of the epic battles. I lost to level 30 indominus because it dodged both times and got a crit every hit, and I lost to 30 indo +30 alanky. I though for sure I was going to lose against the 2 dilos, but I took a hail mary and won pretty easily. I started with a 20 suchotator, bled him, survived the first hit, swapped in bleed with level 6 dimorphodon, dimorphodon died, dilo died from wounds. Brought in indominus and got a one shot after cloak.

You’re right. I’d be fine with the one single try though if only the second and third were not so expensive. I paid the 500 bucks for the third try only in one case where I was almost certain that I was gonna win, after I did some stupid mistakes to lose the first two.

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I had about 12 pages of notes with 7th and 8th options and it still went to hell.

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Sometimes you just can’t predict everything sadly… except if you have lvl 30 dinos too…