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I really like lots of strike events


Just wanted to post something positive. All these strike events are approaching a good pace. I’m almost level 16 which means I’m about tired of shooting stegasauri and spending money, so having something where I can leverage my strong dinos in a way the highlights how good they are is awesome. Battle Arena is fun, but besides the random outlier, most fights are evenish around 4k, so you never get to see Stegodues just wreak havoc like he does against 3 level 15 raptors in a strike event


I applaud your positivity and agree. They have helped make the game more interesting. Free stuff plus what a lot of people are missing… Because theyre fairly easy you can throw some of those dinos you love but dont “use” in and even if you take a lose you just throw your A team out and take home the goody bag


Agreed. I like them better than treasure chests. While I’ll take free coins, I’d prefer to get more by earning them. I was able to level up my Stegodeus to 21 much earlier than I thought because of one of the current event rewards.

I think it would make more sense to have a tournament with strike towers than just the common battle arena. Just make the strike event have more battles, and then once one is done you unlock another somewhere else. Rank is based on how far you get before “three strikes you’re out.”

Or maybe that would sully them. Either way, I agree. Keep ‘em coming.


Keep ‘em coming Ludia!

(Suggestion: I know that raptor event got mixed reviews because it was challenging for a few peeps. I personally loved it cuz all the others felt like freebies. I barely had to use more than one dino to win in the past and this is by no means to brag… I’ve been playing for a while so I’ve got a decent team established but there are lots of people way better than me.

Maybe in the future the strike event Dinos could be the same (or average of) the level of Dinos we’ve chosen to put in the event?? That way It’d feel like we’ve earned something rather than just gotten a hand out.

Btw… thanks for curbing the spoofers! :clap:t4:


I love Strike events!

My only problem is when they over-write park spawn locations.

I have one park in my town, split by railroad tracks. Typically 7 locations between the two halves. This weekend, all 3 of the spawn points in one half of the park were over-written by strike events. And of the remaining 4, two were empty for some reason. So out of 7 spawn points… 2 epics for me to grab in this weekend event. Kind of disappointing.

Perhaps instead of going transparent after you beat them, they disappear from green supply drops so that those can return to their normal function?


Good idea! Kinda like treasure chests.


I would prefer the green supply drops not to change into strike events :sweat_smile: seen that there are fewer than in the past version.

But I agree on the main argument of the post, EVERY STRIKE EVENT IS VERY WELLCOME! :heart_eyes: