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I really miss the old roost size

Now putting two roosts together looks so cramped and doesn’t really look good. After a long time of rearranging, I ended up putting more dragons in hangar because I had to put extra spaces so I don’t place two roosts adjacent to each other. It doesn’t really look good.

I wish the new size was optional because I would really prefer to keep the old size.

Unfortunately, reverting would be quite difficult… but I’m with you; this change was very poorly thought out. More islands would have been much better. With the new size, aside from being cramped, many, many spots that neatly fit the old roosts are now a mess of useless space.

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I prefer the old dragon roost size, in part because there is now a lot of useless space, and in part because the new roosts look small and cramped. I suspect that the developers were attempting to be thoughtful by giving us more room for the new decorations. Though I have to agree, another island (that you didn’t have to pay for with runes), or usable land near the dome academy would have been more appreciated.

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Now you get more space but you don’t want them because you can only make use of part of them? That’s a little hard for me to understand. And if you think it looks too cramped, or you don’t know how to make use of the extra space, you can still just put them as before. Islands are still as big.

I completely relate. At first I tried rearranging roosts to maximize the space and it looked terrible. So I went back my old set up with some minor tweaks. Now that I have a one block margin around most of my roosts, I get to see a lot more Vikings walking around.