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I really need help winning against this team

I’m stupidly close to getting this pack and just wanted to know what I should do to win, because I just haven’t been able to do it


Something with 44+health

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Use your three best.

Build up reserve with the first one.

Hopefully the AI will enter the 3 attack 1 block pattern. To do this, it must be able to one hit your creature.

Once in this pattern, you can attack and build up reserve as needed until you can safely ko all of the AI’s creatures.

I can’t guarantee that the AI will stay in the pattern once entered, but if you attack for 5 or more, it will definitely leave the pattern

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Thanks guys, I was able to win it with your tips :slight_smile:

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What was your prize?

A pachycephalosaurus lmao, did want something better but oh well

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