I really needed this


So today I have been having flare-ups from some wasp bites I got the other day, I’m nauseous, couldn’t get sleep from waking up every 20 minutes.

I was offered a shotgun ride for a dino roundup but it was 2-1/2 hours for about 4 or 5 “rares” (Postosuchus, why do you taunt me? I see more of this thing than some basic commons), no epics, and the drone sensitivity is wildly out of control and I’m barely making half my usual per-dinosaur averages on everything from Allosaurus to Stegosaurus.

I accidentally fat-fingered my way to losing about 10 easily-won battles in a row for incubator while restocking my empty slots which all contained some pretty depressing DNA yields.

Just now, though, several hours after getting back…HOPE!

A 24-hour incubator.

Will today’s suffering be worth it? Tomorrow evening I shall find out!


Good luck!:four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers:(202020blahblah)


I think I made out okay, two epics that allowed me to create the base of both of them, upping my “owned” count for the achievement (now at 89/100 needed and it’s my final incomplete until they add more).

The rest is pretty…meh.


I would love to get that gallimimus DNA and the gorgosaurus DNA would be welcome as well. The rest is totally meh although some people would like the tany DNA.