I rebalanced every creature for the meta because its the holidays

Do you really suggest to buff Imperato or was this just a mistake?

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It’s a full counter attack,its counter sand conceventor counters have the same name but they dont give it a full counter

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There is absolutely no need to increase the counter. If the icon is bothering you better ask for a change in the icon or to change the counter to something like minor counter attack.
In addition you gave it definite rampage which even reduces the already very little amount of possible counters to it.

If a creature is already widely used in the top of the leaderboard it does definitely not need a buff.


Why does a pure fierce have a resilient move?thats why I gave it definte rampage,plus giving it a full counter does nothing because it has Low attack

Why did you give ref an instant group cunning rampage? Why? Why would you do that? It already has super distraction.


Change super distract to have a delay but gave it instant group rampage so raids won’t get affected

If you are complayning about the resilient move maybe you should also remove the decelerating aspects from imperatos attacks?
And eventhough the attack is not too high it is still high tyrant and therefore does need a nerf more than a buff.

Lol, I have not even seen this. Seems like a troll thread to me considering Ref and Imperato getting a buff.


Ref is debatable,imperto has nothing to be nerfed other than maybe its armour

a lot of things have to be nerfed on Imperato

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Like?maybe the decel

It’s survivability rate
Death Roll
Class change
Crit Chance

I Mean,its survivablity isn’t that high because most of the time unless u health boost it a lot it will die in two to three turns,death roll should have its decel removed,crit chance is fine,i guess a class change

What about this?

No, you just made it kill every cunning. It was perfectly fine in terms of raid viability before. This was NOT necessary


It’s not like a fierce killing a cunning

Your logic doesn’t make any sense. This version of ref kills every other cunning, almost every fierce, and most resilients too. It’s not okay. You can’t change that fact


@PyraandMythra Said to me in Buff this! that creatures that have counters that do full damage have 1200 Or 1250 Equal/Less damage for a reason

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Except Andrewtops

Also don’t say Indot has same damage and has a counter

Indots counter is rend if u do that to a Velociraptor It’ll do less than 1600 Damage

Andrewtops exists with so much more attack so giving imperto a full counter wouldn’t change the meta that much smh