I rebalanced every creature for the meta because its the holidays

For it to have double attack,the opponent needs to swap-out and imperto needs to bask,its definitely a rare occurrence

Ref already has two group distraction moves so it doesn’t need group cunning rampage

Thank you :slight_smile:

Ever heard of ferocity? Cause it has that. 1450 with ferocious means 2175 on a counter attack. That is an unholy amount of damage for a base level Dino’s counter.

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How about I nerf its attack to 1200?

Do that and increase the taunt resistance to taunt immunity. The last thing we need is more rng in raids.

Is this better?

Why? Because the flock fanatics are gonna get sad?

What’s wrong with group cunning rampage?TELL ME

Just because it already has a good move against flocks so it doesn’t need another one

What’s wrong with it having 2 groups attacks?

I just don’t think it’s necessary. Ref is good with normal cunning rampage

So it’s a better counter to flocks

But it makes it so it cant do a t2 rampage and it’s not necessary at countering flocks

Listen. I understand that you guys all hate flocks, but the ones that are actually balanced (dodoC, compyC, etc) do not need to be insta killed. They should be able to at least stand a little bit of a chance…

It also locks refs rampage behind a 2 delay, making its kit wonky.

Yeah man now were talking, it ain’t like the nonsene before :sweat_smile:

(For 10 char)

I said that exact thing earlier

And compsognathus isn’t really balanced either it might need it’s swap in removed to stop it from spamming heals swapping out repeat