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I removed my cunning dinos. Best thing I could do, apparently

I normally don’t do too badly in tournaments, but this time I was struggling. I had two cunnings on my team that weren’t doing so well, so I removed one. Didn’t help.

After the third time losing that other cunning to a combo of ‘fierce-using-a-move-to-cleanse-distraction’ followed by swap in damage, I gave up. I removed my last cunning.

…Bam. Instant results. I’ve shot up in ranking. Turns out resilients are just as capable of taking down the fierce dinos as they were.

I seriously wish Ludia would address this problem. I shouldn’t be doing so well with a team that lacks a key player in this ‘class system’.


Who play with cunnings in 2021?


The absolute BEST cunning creatures of this tournament are still pieces of crap in many, MANY situations… it’s ridiculous


I know. I’m the worst player ever :frowning:

There are just so, so many problems with cunnings, yet they never get addressed… Erlikospyx is the only one I can think of that’s actually decent.


My rinex does INCREDIBLY well in aviary. Best member of my team when comboed with mrhino

What about Nightmare Chicken here?

(It’s one of the best creatures on my team in the arenas)


I’m sorry to tell you, but in the higher arenas, Erlido SUCKS… And I know it well, I use it… It’s mostly useful to cloak against chompers and even that fails more than it should… Hurts my heart to say, he’s always been a companion since I got him in the famous St. Patrick’s Day long ago, but I can’t wait for a boost reset so I can take it out of the team…


Erlidom is actually worse than it’s cousin indom at the moment… I trash them easily, while indoms propose an actual threat, even when lower leveled.

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Utarinex, Erlikospyx, and Gorgotrebax are the only cunnings you could get away with using (as far as pure cunnings go)

I have erlidom on my team (level 30, 26 boosts) and it was definitely suffering but still chugging along okay; I reached shores with it on the team a few times… but now that ceramagnus is on everyone’s team, if I draw erlidom, I may as well consider the battle already lost. It’s gonna hit something once and then get sniped by magnus (or monolorhino if they don’t draw magnus). Unless some major rebalancing makes cunning good again, grypolyth will be replacing my erlidom when we get a boost shuffle.

Yep… Erlidom was already struggling before Magnus… Now it’s completely screwed

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The problem with cunning is theres so amby of them and not 1 is immune to speed reduction.

I had to take erlidom off my team for mrhino and wow it made a significant difference


there is one immune to it

it’s called eremotherium


Beyond all being weak to speed reduction, cunnings are all so one-note. All they really do is be fast, apply distraction, and some of them can dodge. Even if they were better in the meta, they all basically fill the same role, so you don’t really need more than 1 or two on your team anyway. And even then something better (often a hybrid class) like Magna can do the same thing even better. The other classes are not only better, they have more variety, so there’s more reason to use them on your team.

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Yep, got my to 28 and benched it. Could easily got to 29 or 30, but why. I used to love Erli, but it seems so useless now. My 29 Spyx is still on my team, but not sure how long that will last.

My Erlido has 2400 base damage… A Rhino can swap in against him, take the rampage or impact in the face, and STILL beat Erlidom, even without stunning, even if Erlido cloaks… It’s pathetic…


The indominus hybrids need a little love, even if they’re easy to get…


I did have an idea for erlidom, I’ll work on it later though, school is starting soon…

Here’s hoping Alloraptor and Acrocanthops get awesome Uniques, because Cunning-Fierce is really the only way to go in this meta.