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I removed my cunning dinos. Best thing I could do, apparently

The best Fierce creatures have resilient moves. The best resilient creatures have impenetrable armor. The best cunning creatures match those with… harsh trainer language!

The only pure cunning I still use is Utarinex. I still find it very useful in Lockwood Library. It’s one of only 2 creatures I have max level.

The other part-cunning I use is Orion.

As for Erlidom, I recently just replaced it with Hadros Lux, although not yet boosted. As soon as there is a boost reset i’m taking them off Erlidom.


Yea my utarinx does really well again resilient creatures. Ex: rixis

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Resilient impact and rampage are imo op you hit almost any cunning with either its going down town, fair enough cleanse distraction is needed but you might aswell be rid of slowing moves nowadays

Resilients are just too op, they need a nerf.

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proceeds to nerf apatosaurus


Thats why we need to be specific lol