I rex g2 needs nerf, it litteraly can beat i rex. AND thats and EPIC vs LEGENDARY

nerf i rex g2, i should beat i rex g 2, not be killed by it

oh great not this again

Epic vs Legendary? Thats nothing. Sarcorixis says HI
I rex vs I rx g2 ? No. Think about this. Indom g2 just used cloak and definite strike to kill say…an apatosaurus. Indom rex goes on revenge cloak, Indom g2 uses Mutual fury. Indom rex goes APR (with the buff and 3X dmg) and kills its gen 2

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oh yea :yawning_face:

how does sarco freaking rixis come into picture!!??

and breh, it ties witha RARE

Sarcorixis, an epic, can beat unique dinos

My gosh. take the time to learn and understand the cannon of the franchise.
the gen 2 project was to try and improve upon the original creatures.
Their rarity in the game signifies how many/ how available they were. 1 indominous rex. 1 indoraptor. hence their legendary and unique statuses.
and indo was to be sold once perfected, hence its g2 being introduced. and since its the improved version, more would be created to sell. this reasoning can be applied to indom g2 as well.


then why does anky g2 not beat anky???

It doesn’t, it can swap out against suchotator after killing it

Because the canon ONLY applies to indom and indor

i said try. and for goodness sake, i can’t tell if your just in denial or trolling. its a gosh darn game and the only things cannon are going to make sense.


um ok? and im not trolling cause freaking indom g 2 is an EPIC

and sarcorixis can beat uniques, its the same thing
and monolonometrodon too, its a legendary and can beat uniques


Velociraptor has an 80% chance to beat Magnapyritor. Too OP, please nerf.

Same logic.

AAAA, this glyptodon killed my pyroraptor, nerf it!

now i feel ludia does not care about the obtainibility, velociraptor can pretty much 1 shot, diloranno, pyriitator, alloraptor.

when itslvl 30

If you want indom gen 2 to be nerfed, then please explain what you want changed because it sounds like you are just complaining without reasoning.

then denial it is. either way, even with cannon evidence as to why the indom and indo g2 can beat their higher rarity counterparts, theres no point arguing with someone who refuses to acknowledge/ understand the point.

Glyptodon beats Gorgotrebax 100%. How can this be allowed? /s