I Rex.. How is your fuseing going?


Hi everybody, just wanted to know how long it took them to fuse I Rex?
Think I have been very very unlucky :tired_face: six times I’ve tried and only managed 60 dna. I don’t spend money on this game and takes a long time to save up T Rex dna, I still have 4 goes left when I get enough vraptors dna but at this rate it’s going to take a long time.


Your pretty unlucky I fused 7 times and I’m on 180


Got 20 from the amc crate. Then fuzing got 30, 10, 20, 10, 30, 50, 70. At that point created it. Got 10, 10, and then a big 80.


Got my Indominus yesterday … progress was:

40 - 10 - 10 - 40 - 30 - 10 - 40 - 50 => 8x tries for 230 DNA

Wow, exactly like my progress.


Take it easy! You may get 100 next time. :grin:


2 Fuses, 30/200 (Was first at 49/50 for trex, now at 47/50. Vraptor isn’t a problem,i have 9K of it)


I’m only at 10/200 at the moment. I haven’t come across any t-rexs yet since the last event, which allowed me to get to lvl 15 on my rex.

I guess it’s time for some bus rides into Paris as last time I did that with the g/f to go shopping 2 t-rexs appeared.


Soo still no I Rex :frowning:
I’ve tried 10 times now and only managed to get 140 dna talk about bad luck…


Haha, you seem to be doing better than me!! I collected DNAs enough for 10 tries and was hoping somehow I reach 200, but was able to reach 130 only. After that I tried Stegoceratops and I was getting 30s and 50s once every while. I was so much wishing I had fused Stegoceratops first and then I-Rex :expressionless:


My IRex is lvl 20 but finding Trex dna to get the indom is killing me :sob:


Mine is sitting at lvl 16 and waiting for me to find the coin and THEN justify spending the coin to level it up. At level 16 it has already killed two higher-level Indoms


i got 10 dna for it all the time, if i am lucky i get 20, I need 10dna for it to go to level 17 now.


Im still trying to my trex to lvl 15. Stuck on 13 and I might see one every two weeks


Im on 70 dna. 20 30 10 10. Not complaining. I have hard time for both the velo and rex dna. Velo is a nogo timezone spawn for me to hunt and on rex i shoot horible dna maybe around 35


Woohooo almost a month of trying I have finally got my IRex :tada::tada::grin::grin:


If it makes ya feel any better youre not alone. It took me 18 fuses to make my tragodist :joy: indom was like 12