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I-rex or alloraptor?

there is 2 green supply drops in my area
1 has imdominus rex underneath and the other had alloraptor which one should i choose

You get 3 attempts today. So both if you want them (and you have attempts left)
Otherwise alloraptor. It has exclusive components

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Depends on what context there is. Like, I’m going for 2 irex since I can use it for erlidom and use some rex on tryko and 1 alloraptor since I’m sure its bound to get a hybrid. But idk, alloraptor is good, and u have 3 pops u can use on either alloraptor or i rex so u can do both or all out on one etc

Im going for 3 alloraptor because he is exclusive and can get a hybrid. For me i Rex and allsin are easy to make so i Will go for alloraptor. But if you are a medium player indom is a decent choice