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I Rex or I Rex gen 2?

I need some advice, should I buy I Rex or I Rex gen 2? I used to have a level 30 indominous Rex but I sold it because it was way too powerful for my lineup. I have 150k dna and I was thinking of maxing out my rare hybrids and get more, marking super rare hybrids level 30, and legendary hybrids level 20. I can already buy Indominous rex, but I can’t buy the I Rex yet. I have level 30 and some level tens of T. rex gen 2 and velociraptor gen 2, but I still need to buy 2-3 more of each. Should I fuse my gen 2s to get 2 I Rex gen 2 or should I just buy two I rexs? I know that I Rex gen 2 is much more worth it but I wanna get the indoraptor instead of the gen 2 indoraptor. Any advice is appreciated!


In short… go for Gen 1 if Indoraptor is your goal.


At L10, I liked the I-Rex’s attack better than Gen 2.

At L20, I don’t use them much. Cool down gets too long. I have up to a L21.

Also, Indoraptor Gen 1 has a Beacon Badge, Indo Gen 2 does not. If Beacon badges are your thing.


Buy indominus gen 1 if you are not interested in indoraptor gen 2. However indominus gen 2 will be cheaper and have more ferocity and health than indominus gen 1.


Wait gen 2 cost less than gen 1?


@MonstaaBoii74 Equal

That’s what I thought at first because the gen 2 trex and gen 2 velociraptor are the same cost as the regular


No no i said its cheaper because you have to pay for 1 since you will get one from fusing t-rex and velociraptor… It will be cheaper than buying 2 indominus rex gen 1s…

I’m more of a glass cannon person so personally I would go for the Gen 1


Bruh theres a 32 attack difference between gen 1 and 2…

Maybe hes talking about the ferocity?


Nah he literally said glass cannon… And gen 2 has more ferocity than gen 1…

My bad :sweat_smile:. I meant that I rex Gen 2 has more health than I rex Gen 1, hence it has a longer cooldown of 10 hours.


My mind was thinking of I-raptor Gens 1&2


I thought the same lol