I Sacrificed Phorurex for Scorpius Gen 3 was it worth it?our

I personally recommend having both. They both have their time and place. However, current meta? Phoru is a wee bit better for various reasons, but both are useful for different counters, so it’s kind of comparing apples to oranges. Most top players have both Scrorpy3 and Phoru on their strike teams, and the great thing about having both is you can build each of them without worrying about spreading out dna. They both require different dna from each other, unlike scorpy and indot. If you can build and use both Scorpy3 and Phoru, I would highly encourage that in this meta - more so than using most of the apexes atm.

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Yeah, they’re both very comfortably in Tyrant tier ,and anyone who can fuse these two dinos, should be battling with them :muscle:t3:

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