I Sacrificed Phorurex for Scorpius Gen 3 was it worth it?

Yesterday i sacrificed the phorurex for scorpius gen 3 was it worth it?

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I would say no as scorpius rex gen 3 is fairly easy to get to level 30.


no. that was not. because phor is kind of weak to me but how can that affect scorpy gen 3? you only neeed carno, mono, and gorgo. so you could make scorpy still except for multi fusion

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Phor is not kind of weak and is easily Tyrant tier. Not sure what the above person is talking about, but anyways, Scorpius 3 is also Tyrant tier, so it’s probably not best that you switched those two up. There is probably a much worse creature on your team that you could replace PhoruR with.


i wnet for scorpio too cuz im trying to unlock indotaurus (must have all indom hybrids cuz i love indom) and i cant upgrade scorio without spending carno needed for indotaurus. its a win win either way. neither one is hard to get on their own tho.


Either one is a good choice.

By choosing SR3, you can save Carno for other usages.

Very easy to get Phorurex with the last AC and the ongoing raids. I chose Phorurex simply because my SR3 is maxed.


I say put both on your team. Both are really good


I’d say yes, phoru is a raid. Scorp has harder to get components, especially Carno

I chose Scorpius because Carno DNA is stretched so thin these days. It isn’t particularly hard to get Phorusrhacos or Dracorex G2, and this is the only thing Maiasaura is user for.

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scorpius is good because of dot

Why is your name indomimus rex but your profile is SR3?

I personally recommend having both. They both have their time and place. However, current meta? Phoru is a wee bit better for various reasons, but both are useful for different counters, so it’s kind of comparing apples to oranges. Most top players have both Scrorpy3 and Phoru on their strike teams, and the great thing about having both is you can build each of them without worrying about spreading out dna. They both require different dna from each other, unlike scorpy and indot. If you can build and use both Scorpy3 and Phoru, I would highly recommend that in this meta - more so than using most of the apexes atm.

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As others have said, use both if possible. They’re both very good and both are on almost every TOP 100 team for a reason. I finally spent the coin to start leveling up Pho and threw it on my team at 28 with like 4 boosts and still run SR3. I’m not sure what to take off, though. I have Teno 30, Morty 29, Lux 29 and Spyx 30 all boosted quite a bit and i’m really looking forward to that boost reset LUDIA :crossed_fingers:

Whats wrong with you because i like both

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