I saw a dinosaur with a name


I just was in a battle with a Dinosaur with a name (Charlie) can we name our Dinosaurs now??!!


oh you poor thing. No we can’t, it’s just a raptor in the game. 10 seconds of googling could’ve answered that question. We have Charlie, Blue, Delta. Representative of the trained velociraptors from the movie IIRC


You’re kidding right? Charlie is the name of one of Owen’s 4 raptors. Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.

Have you not seen Jurassic World?


yes I have but I have never seen him on here in a battle


No reason to be rude


Thank you Michael…I got so excited!!! Lol my kids and husband were laughing at me because I thought we could…aaaa well one day… hopefully :slight_smile:


And yeah 10 seconds could have but always 10 seconds of going on the JWA fourm worked just as well too…since that is what a fourm was for…or so I thought


Being able to name your dinos would be pretty cool, imo