I scored an epic scent!

Won an epic scent from the strike today!

Koolasuchus. Brachiosaurus.

Oh boy. Yeah, never going to buy one, that’s for sure.


Ahaha, you use at night? I willing to use it in a day, and hope some Trex will come.

I ever get common scent xd

Had one epic scent simce they started and got 2 trex the rest secondo

When I run an epic scent in targeted zones I usually get 5-7 epics from that zone. If you aren’t moving your results won’t be very good though I think. Scents are the best value buy in the game right now let alone a free one. Congrats OP.

I went and used it in the area where I have found Ankylosaurus, Ouranosaurus, and Sinoceratops…

So a three zone area?

Grats op. Bummer on the results.