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I see it coming (Voting)


I place a bet that my next fuse will be a 10. So that I‘ll sit on 49 Irex DNA, 245 Iraptor DNA and 18 Trex DNA.
And since Rexy went instinct it‘ll take a time for the final Irex fuse. :expressionless:

Edit: Guys, I made it!!! I got a very lucky 20!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::tada::tada::tada:

  • It‘ll be a 10. :frowning:
  • It‘ll be a lucky 20. :slight_smile:
  • It‘ll be something better than 20. :smiley:

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I hope it’ll be at least 20 :wink:

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I think I‘ll get the final fuse tomorrow. Gonna try with my alliance and then I‘m going on my night hunt. Got 450 Veloci DNA now and I‘m running some scents with very small success.

I‘ll appreciate that, thanks! :slight_smile:
I hope so much for a 20, I‘ve been working on Iraptor for so many months.


If you had 239 DNA, you could be sure the next one would be a 10. =)

I’m on my way there… 150 DNA to create him. Geez, 2000 V-raptor for one fuse is hard…

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Yeah I‘m partly hoping and partly scared to tap that button once I got 1k Veloci DNA. I‘m at 1k now and will try tomorrow.

Wow that really is kinda thrilling. It‘d need one number to make all these months worth it lol. :hugs:


Oh people…my hands are shaking and so are my knees…I used some scents and there suddenly appeared some Velocis in my area (normal spawns). I were pretty good this time and collected enough DNA for the final fuse…I‘ve never been so thrilled during my JWA ‚career‘. I thought perhaps should I wait. But I couldn‘t. I thought now or never. I closed my eyes and tapped on it. I only heard the normal fusing sound (not that special sound when getting much DNA) and expected the worst. Then I saw the green shining button…

I just jumped up from my chair and screamed JAAAAA. My parents looked at me and my Papa asked me whether I got Indoraptor. :hugs::hugs:
Even tho he finds it kinda weird that I‘m so attached to a game, he understood me and the work I put in it (he‘s a gamer too).

I‘m just soooo happy that moment saved everything, my battle frustration, all these hundreds of scents, bad RNG, etc.

I got her. I can‘t believe it. Finally, after so, so many months. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Wow I‘m just so excited right now. I even got goosebumps. :laughing:


Witness me!! My first Unique and I just saw that because of her I finally got to a higher lvl! :hugs:


And that‘s the last raptor who made my dream come true:

Clever girl. :sunglasses:

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