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I see lots of complaints so why spend money?

as i look through all the different topics on here, one thing i see in common is that almost everyone is complaining about one thing or another, about how the game isnt all that, which i agree with, about how it literally takes forever to collect certain dna in order to make dino A, then more dna from dino A to make dino B and so on…also complaints about content and ridiculous other stuff .so with that, i have to ask…WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE BUYING 50.00 incubaters? LOL LOL…that has to be the most (insert words here because of the filters ) ive ever heard of. 50.00 in the first place is outrageous, i can see 9.99 or even 19.99…but 50? lol your crazy. in addition, why buy game cash and game gold with real money? if the game is THAT bad, why are you people supporting it? I for one WILL NEVER drop one dime on this game other than the monthly subscription which is in itself to high, but oh well 10.00 a month anyone can afford, but thats IT!! with the way this game is, the way you MUST invest time, way to much time, to gather dna and such, and even get more frustrated when after you get tons of dna and go to infuse to get that super dino? what happens— 10 10 10 10, oh look, 20…then 10 10 10…before you know it, there goes your 2000 per infusion of a dino you spent months getting lol…
well whatever, keep on spending that 50.00 on those and good luck…i guess ill never understand

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While I have been surprised at what some people have spent on this game I would never be so bold or arrogant as to judge them for it or worse, laugh at them. But hey, that’s just me. I myself had VIP for only two months - I have other places I need to spend my resources, but where other people want to spend their money is their business.

Perhaps one of the reasons people are complaining so much is that they spent a lot of money on earlier JWA metas that were worth their time and hard-earned money and they want Ludia to restore some of the things that made the game fun in the first place.

Even though I have, in comparison, spent very little on this game I would like to see it be an enjoyable experience. I consider my time an investment and for me to spend that on a game it has to be worth it. Right now I am not so sure it is.

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Never spent a dime on it, not even monthly subscription, but my guess is… People like dinosaurs. People like the game despite its flaws. People pay, and that’s precisely why they have the right to complain about what they think needs improvement.


You are seeing people complain about the game on the forums, fair enough because the evidence is right there in front of you, yet where are you getting the data from regarding people buying 50.00 incubators? Or have you just thrown that conclusion together to laugh at people?

I complain about this game due to the stupid changes the developers make, yet I don’t buy incubators, I don’t buy anything.

So stop making assumptions just so you can troll people and laugh at them.

You were the one that complained their Dracoceratops never worked when you were failing to use the swap-in properly. And you have the cheek to laugh at people genuinely complaining about issues.

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A lot of times when I see complaints, those complaints include a refusal to spend more, whether that’s on incubators, one-time offers, or cancelling VIP. Once people become dissatisfied by and large they don’t continue making in-app purchases.

Apparently this game is in the 6 spot in top grossing games in appstore… being on android thats a pretty huge difference from the current 191 it sits on the playstore. So someone is buying something.

Im not defending the op is his assumption that were all spending money or buying incubators. But at that spot… its pretty safe guess that their are quite a few people with iphones spending heavily on this game. Way more then I thought their was going off the playstores metrics. Kinda sad really.

I pay the monthly subscription because despite the issues I do really enjoy JWA. I want to support the game and help keep it around for years to come.

However, the cost of incubators, one time offers and the like is way way too high so I will not pay for those.