I see Ludia digging themselves into the ground


Something has to give. From Dinos escaping to False Info in battling and terrible match-ups or coin limits. This game is designed to tick you off to the point where you want to either punt your phone into the wall or buy HC in rage to try and get a little ahead in coins to level some dinos up (only to constantly get 10 dna), let’s not even start on the RNG with the “5% chance” crits all the time.

Ludia has done a very good job making this game infuriating. Its nearly to the point where I don’t even want to play. I’ve been stuck in Sorna Marshes since July, it takes me nearly a week to even get enough coins to level up a single dino if there arent any strikes because of the stupid coin limit and cash limit on everything. My job doesn’t allow me to go out often since I frequently work 12 hour shifts, that’s fine normally, but when I feel like I’m actually getting ahead in arena, I constantly lose matches. I’ve never been above 3900 points and I’m normally stuck around 3500.

My friends have so many bugs on their phones they can’t even play. GPS isn’t accurate and since last update with Owen and the VIP thing appearing so often its made the game unplayable for them. I am constantly having Owen pop up while I’m at home or WALKING my dogs around the neighborhood or park. I’m doing 2 mph while WALKING, come on!

If this keeps happening and nothing changes I’ll probably just stop playing. I’m tired of raging over a game and it’s nonstop bugs, glitches, and general frustration. My friends are in the same boat since they can barely play it anyway. I’m sure we won’t be the only ones either, Ludia is driving us away with this doodie.

I’m done ranting. Sorry. Lol


My only issue is spawn zone mechanic, where some zones are trash and other are plenty of useful dinos even commons, making people cant catch up whitout wasting insane amount of money


@Tronkun609 My only issue with spawning is when there is a dino (preferably an epic) stuck inside a strike and you can’t get to it. I had this happen TWICE with a Baryonyx and T-Rex tonight.


That zone is not trash…
Just only zone limited Epics are useful, which you might only see them once for a week.
And only 1 rare could be ingredient, but those match up dinos are in other local group.
All the other dinos are just not useful.

You know what I am talking about. Welcome to L3 group.:rofl::rofl:


I absolutely agree with everything you just said, but don’t forget about dinos spawning IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT AS STRIKE EVENTS, making them damn-near impossible to select and collect DNA from since strike events are always prioritized in terms of selecting. I REALLY like this game, but these glitches and errors are downright unforgivable. Ludia better get their act together.


Why th hasn’t that glitch or whatever it is been sorted out yet?? It’s SO STUPID AND INFURIATING WHEN THAT HAPPENS.


Also the stupid glitch where you can’t roll a green supply if there’s a pterosaur under it is specially infuriating considering this is our second pterosaur event week in a row. I really don’t understand how they haven’t fixed it yet.


What exactly do you want from the arena? When your trophy count rises, you face stronger opponents and lose, what’s wrong with that? You seem to manage to progress fast enough to maintain your trophy count, but to rise further you have to progress faster than these people you can’t beat so that eventually you can.


There’s some extremely valuable feedback here. Please pass the message to the appropriate people.

And seriously … if the damage counters don’t, work… how about you get rid of them temporarily. This is not how you want your game to be perceived.


Fully agree @Sara @Jay1 @Ned

Are you ever going to actually do something other than flag what doesn’t fit your agenda ?


I know, before 1.3 i had lile 7k dimetrodon dna and i ignored 80% of they, same whit dilophosaurus and other, and i manage to catch daily a lot of diferents epics like ankylosaurus, ouranosaurus and others, now i cant have uniques meanwhile top 200 guysvhave few of they, i only managed to create elridominis who is bad unique. More than 3 months whit same stufu dinos meanwhile other people can have easy dimetrodon dna, sinoceratops, ourano, dilophosaurus, parasaurolophus, dinocheirus etc, i cant just compete anymore whit top guys cause this bad zone and making me losing interest in game and didnt invested anymore money on it since july, only a few euros for some coins some times


You have some griefs and you have the rights to express them. The problem I have is what you said in some situation is completely biased and it doesn’t help…

No, just no. You don’t get constantly 10. In fact you get more because on average (metahub stats, you can do them on your own it will about the same) you get a little more than 20.

Hopefully there is a coin/cash limit. If it wasn’t you won’t be able to compete at all with a lot of people (the ones that play way more than you, the one that live/work on top of multiple drops…and I don’t even talk about the ones that don’t even have to move :roll_eyes: )

That’s a good concern, it’s really annoying. Maybe they should extend the time to prevent the message showing up too often. It’s ok each time you start your app or starting to move fast but that’s it.

Great suggestion too. The problem with miscalculated damages is that new players that should rely on it are fooled…it’s not a good arena experience and it should be your top priority unless you disable it temporarily as sugested by @Hersh


I m in l 3, haha
Tricera gen 2, diplokaulus, iguanodon, etc


You seem to have misunderstood a little. The dna thing was a situation I’ve personally been in. I’ve literally bought cash to get extra coins for fusing or level up in general and I’ve consecutively gotten up to 13 10s in a row and wasted all the coins I just spent real money on. It doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen more often than not.

Not saying to get rid of the limit, that would be stupid. Making it higher would be nice though. I am lucky to get 4000 coins in two days from drops on my days off. I expect people to be higher tier in the arena, I expect people to spend more money on it than I am. What I don’t like is how I’ve been stuck in the same arena for nearly 3 months. Its infuriating.


I can understand it’s frustrating but it’s only a small dataset to start with. Sometimes I get ten ten in a row. It happens. But I also remember all the time where I roll 50 3 times in a row…
I keep track of every DNA roll I make. And when I check average it’s about what metahub say. Yesterday I did about 200 rolls to level up my stegodeus (between nodopato and stegodeus itself)
That’s why I roll only when I have full DNA to level up. Less frustrating. The bad series are offset by the fact I do so many rolls that I can have the 50, 60, 70, 80 or more rolls (I only manage to get 100 once a long time ago)

I understand this. I don’t see it directly because I’m still progressing in trophies but that’s because I play literally every day the maximum I can darting everything. I agree that you should progress (even a little bit if you play not so much). One way to fix that (while removing losing streaks) would be to put pity bots. Max level should be the lowest you have in your team. You met him when you lose 3 times in a row and you gain a small amount of trophies (like 20). That way you still win incubator, you still get your daily incubator and you won’t be stuck in losing streak.


It would be nice if ludia communicated better with us.


You would think that they have had enough time to sort the glitches and bugs out in the game instead of rushing out new stuff?

Its great getting new things to do in the game but not if new problems are being introduced


The whole idea of having to use coins to level up a dinosaur is stupid. Also that max number of attempts reached is stupid. It a dinosaur is on my map and I have darts I should be able to dart it and if I spend five days hunting for a dinosaur to level it up I should be able to just level it up. When it comes to hybrids if I have the DNA from both the dinosaur that make it then I should be able to make it if those dinosaurs are at the level they need to be at.The battle mechanics in the game are still messed up. The way the battles should work is if you pick your move first you go that is what happens in the real world and that is how Blue won her fight agains Ripper. She didn’t wait to let him think. That is how Rexy won again the raptors. Ludia needs to do some serious work on the game I don’t battle anymore because of the mess up battle mechanics.


Getting rid of the speed stat and making this game a clicker is probably the worst suggestion I’ve read. Eliminating coin cost for leveling may sound good in theory but would benefit spoofers too much. I could agree with a coin cost reduction, though.


I just can’t get myself to play the PVP. I kind of have to force myself but asked myself why I would do this and just stopped. Even with the beating 10 dino’s they added, after a couple days doing that, stopped playing PVP. I just do the strike towers.

One good thing is I’m barely getting any disconnects from Google Play any more. Unfortunately my GPS STILL quits following me and I still have to constantly kill and reload the game over and over and over. It gets hung up loading map, drops, towers and dinos and quits checking and updating my position. This is really, really infuriating. I have VIP but because of these glitches, I’m not spending a dime on this game to buy green bucks. This game only works well if you stand still in one spot like sitting at work at my desk and grabbing a dino every so often. A couple months ago, I could at least walk and not have the GPS hang but now, it is hanging even just walking. My wife has the same sticking GPS on her phone which has a better processor.

This game has great potential but just not user friendly.