I see no point in battles besides getting incubators


Crits and stuns are against me or when I really don’t need the crit :slight_smile:. Can’t count how manys I’ve encountered a Crit for the win from my opponent. Like literally I’ve even stop trying to be smart during a battle because most of the time I win with just the base attacks. It’s just annoying now how often I see crits and stuns from my opponent when it’s a rarity from me.


You can get a few thousand coins a day from battles too. Sometimes I battle just because I’m bored. The whole point of the game is building our dinos up for battles. I’m not just trying to have a dino collection to look at. My T-rex gets tons of critical hits and I love it. Some of my dinos NEVER get one though.


Me too. Battles were fun early on, but now it seems like Work, just to get the incubators.


Agree that the battles used to be more fun. I also just continue in hopes of incubators. It’s really frustrating to play sometimes (usually) tho