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I shall draw your custom JWA hybrids

I shall draw what you request.

In order to request a creature this must be the template.

"@Stygionyx1 can you make a(n) [Insert creature] + [Insert creature].

Base: [Insert creature]
Name: [Insert creature name]
Extras: [Insert creature extras]
Colors: [Insert creature colors]

If I say I cant draw it most likely reason is because I ran out of something.

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So far I’m stocked up on supplies

@stygionyx1 can you make a Tyrannosaurus + Pyroraptor?
Base: Tyrannosaurus.
Name: Pyrannosaurus.
Extras: Feathers across body.
Colors: Pyroraptor

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The hard part were the body feathers because pyroraptor’s feathers are the texture to pyroraptor so I made the rex layer then added the feather layer. That’s why the feathers on the body look strange.


Ready for more requests

@Stygionyx1, could you make a tenontorex + edaphosaurus hybrid?
Name: tenontodaphosaurus
Extras: edaphos sail
Colour: mix of tenrexs orange and edaphos black and green

What is the base of the creature

Sorry, tenrex

The base isnt that good because I never drew a tenrex base and I had to memorize the base from my phone.


@Stygionyx1 Can you make a Dakotanops + Scolosaurus?
Base: Dakotanops
Name: Scolonops
Extras: Scolosaurus horns as well as osteoderms and club
Colors: Scolosaurus

I will have to wait. On a call. Will draw after the call

@Suchomimid does osteoderms mean armor

Here ya go @Suchomimid

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Sorry for the late reply. I thought you would be doing mine tomorrow. But as the osteoderms of ankylosaurs are the bony plates, that would technically be yes, I think.

Ready for more requests

Hydra boa + Haast maximus

Mortem + hadros

@Shaurya2010 can you use the template above. It helps on what you requested

okay for 1st request I want a snek body with wings and colours should be gold’ light brown and a litlle shading of the coulours of a rainbow

@Shaurya2010 I have to do your requests tomorrow because its getting late where I am