I shot at indo twice and the camera started flipping


So, i was shooting at the indoraptor and the camera started flipping and i couldn’t shoot the indoraptor. Any awnsers?

Indo event shananagans

Same thing happened to me! It’s like the game randomly glitched out. Was that a part of the idea or something?


I have the same think. Just 39/250… GG


I could only get 15 :cry:


Same here. Camera jerked away randomly, just a colorful flashing screen. Then it came back, but the Indoraptor just escaped.


That happened to me too. I feel ripped off cause I only got 21. I hope that doesn’t happen with Blue! I think it’s to get people to buy incubators.


I think the glitch is random. A friend of mine did it without a glitch, but still only got 21.


Same problem. Real bug issue!


Anybody know if there’s a way we can report this?


When u creating draft, use help and support, guys read it


Can’t shoot the freaking indoraptor when it glitches out! Aaaaahhhhh! My screen went all crazy! Aaaaahhhhh

[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #20

The same issue here. Seems like when you get about 30 DNA it begins to glitch. Nice trick, Ludia. Nobody will get much of it.


Same thing happened to me and my son this morning. We were both pretty triggered. :scream::dizzy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Feels a like more than a coincidence. Only managed 19 DNA but mine glitched. Looks like a ploy to get you to buy the incubator.


I managed to get 42 off of 3 darts when it started glitching out. Probably would have got double that or more even though I know it’s not enough to get it but still.


Same thing happened to me. Let’s hope they give us some sort of compensation.


I agree that this bug is very disappointing. If Ludia leaves it without any compensation it will hit very hard at their reputation.
Kabam (another game studio) would give great compensation for a bug like this


Hopefully they make it part of next week’s event too to give people a second chance.


Same here. Shot 4 times and the screen freaked out.


So besides the random glitch some of us experienced, I also noticed the darts sometimes didn’t go where your target was aimed, and the bullseye is way more sensitive.
It’s not like we had a shot at unlocking it, idk why they had to make it so difficult to get more than 30 DNA.