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I should be happy about today's darting, but sadly I'm not

This has been my favorite dino in jwa for over a year. For the first time since creation, I benched it a week ago and removed the boosts from it.

Today, after darting, here it sits - in what should be its glory:

It was to be my first 30.

But no more.

No, I’d rather level a few if these up:

And what with boosts being so hard to come by, I cant spare nary a one for poor ol dilo.

Rest in peace big guy. Heres to hoping you get a better overhaul than tuora did.




congrats on being able to create your first lv 30. Even if it is not a dino you currently use, it is still a great achievement. Mettas change and creatures change. Maybe someday Dilo will make a comeback in an unexpected way. When that day comes, you will be ready. Congrats again.

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Poor green chicken, once having its glory days when it had distracting impact instead of a strike along with no creatures with specific immunities, I bet dilora has a picture on the wall that it looks at and says “someday, someday I’ll be back in the meta, someday…”

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I remeber the string of complaints on this forum about how op dilo was cause of the two rampages.

Without even a nerf… its now a bench warmer. Crazy how power creeps + immunities for everyone makes a tyrant unplayable without ever changing the base credits.


Wow that’s a hard unique to create. For the longest time I couldn’t get enough ouranosaurus now I’m lacking dilophosaurus. Mine is level 27. I benched mine a while back despite it being one of my highest uniques at the time.