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I should probably already know this but

so, often when i come across dracoceratops, he uses acute stun and it automatically makes me have to swap out. this happens often but never seems to happen when i use it. what am i missing here? im assuming it is speed dependent?

You have to actually select the skill to use it.

Acute stun never fails to stun it’s 100% as in always.

If you don’t know not to stun an immune Dino (which is the only time it doesn’t stun) then how did you ever get high enough to fight Thor.

Either your trolling (do research) or you took over some one else’s account.

If you took over some ones account I’m sorry for calling this a troll thread.

ok, clearly you enjoy trying to be offensive or you have mental issues. I know how to use stun. I am asking how to use it appropriately. often when it is used against me i get stunned and im then forced to swap out, when i use it i cant seem to have the same affect. clearly i am doing something wrong, just asking what it is. so dont be a tool. to make it clear for you, obviously it stuns my opponent, but he isnt forced to swap out


You don’t have to swap out. You will just lose a turn.

quite often i get stunned and have to swap out. the game gives no option to stay in. it happens when other dinos stun me too. not all the time but its quite often with draco. just curious if this is caused by being slower or faster etc.

When the select your Dino screen pops up just select “next turn”

what do you mean? it makes you select a new dino. cant do a next move. when you get stunned one of two things occur. you miss a turn, or you are forced to swap dinos, right?

I don’t know of anything that makes you swap your Dino unless it dies and you have to choose your next creature. Maybe I’m not understanding the whole situation

You must be using dinos slower than Dracocera. Because if a faster dino stuns you, you either lose a turn or you have the option to swap. What dinos are you using when they stun you?

ahh so it is a speed thing? if i am slower and get stunned it forces me to swap out and change dinos?

No it doesn’t force you to swap. A button should pop up that says end turn and your moves will be greyed out where you can’t choose an action. That means you lost that turn. Your other option is to swap to another dino. It’s your choice, you don’t have to swap



There should be a blue rectangular button that pops up a few mm above the middle attack selections. It just says “End Turn.” If you are not seeing that, try tapping there anyway. Maybe just a visual glitch.

If you can’t tap anything and don’t see anything, contact support because something is glitched

ETA: Like that screenshot @Piere87 just added. :slight_smile:

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awesome will do that. didnt think this was right. thanks guys

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So ur saying everytime uve ever got stunned uve never just clicked end turn? U swap everytime? Thats an interesting strategy


I guess the op just never realised the end turn button …

When I first started playing it took a long time before I found out that hitting end turn keeps your dino, granted that was long ago, but it isn’t the obvious thing to do. :blush:

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Does acute stun even do damage?
If it doesn’t, using it on a slower dino would just charge their turns up.

How did the OP not know this and manage to be fighting Thor?


Was just switching out, wish you could be more forgiving of others.

People usually use acute stun to have the rampage ready for the next turn. This usually only occurs if the draco is the faster of the two dino’s. If draco is slower most people cleanse so they can get draco swapped on next turn.