I Spy with My Little Eye... SEVEN SUCHOMIMUS?

I just wanted to share. I giggled. So you can giggle too… :upside_down_face:


That was me when Suchomimus was the L4 mascot


Yeah good old Suchoroach is the mascot of L4 as stated above, I had 3 living in my backyard!

Jurassic Park Tune
“Su Co, Su Co, Su Su Su, Su Su Su Cooooo, Su Su Su Co Co Co Cooooo Co Co Co Co!”


It’s still good for leveling Thylacotator and completing those 5,000 common DNA daily missions.

Sucho is the new Diplo in area 3 (at least since 1.12 ).

It WOULD be good for leveling Thylacatator, if the other half of the recipe would spawn at all. I think I’ve found those stupid cats 3 times since I started playing :joy:
At least my Suchotator is a BOSS :fire:


They DO travel in herds…

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Me when I see 10 suchos;

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I found a couple lions today when the map was in dusk mode. I haven’t even started leveling the Thyla on my main account yet. I think she’s 21 on my alt. I have a couple more projects to finish on my main before I start on that.