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I Squared R Dinos Recruiting! 3 L20 Sancs, Tier8/9 Tourney :D

Hey there! We are I Squared R Dinos (Power Dinos for short) and we have a few rare openings as some of our long-term players have left. What we can offer you:

  • Tier 8 on 4 week tourneys / Tier 9 on 5 week tourneys
  • Tier 9/8 on Weekly Incubators
  • 2/3 Level 20 sancs that you will be able to vote for! (Part of Black Diamond Alliance)
  • Generous Donations
  • A friendly, active discord server, with our own raid community with over 100 participants.

All we expect in return for all these benefits is that you:

  • Always get your 10 kills in tournaments (and more, if you want that sweet, sweet tier 9)
  • Never place in the high level sancs without authorisation.

We do not accept blind requests, and you must be over 2000 trophies at least.
Please message SlothyBoi16#8432 on Discord for more info, or to apply.
Look forward to seeing you! :smiley:

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