I stand corrected

About Monomimus… I was among those who thought the nerf was too much… but recently I remembered the horror of facing a Mimus dodging EVERYTHING when you don’t have a nullifier among your four dinos… So I stand corrected. WELL DONE LUDIA! That thing really needed to be nerfed to death.


The last 2 monomim i faced didnt stand a chance against me. They died in 2 moves cuz their evasion did not work. The 2-3 mimus i faced before those evaded everything. Mimus didnt deserve to be nerfed to death, its the stupid RNG in this game that needs to be nerfed to death.


I’d say evasive stance is the main problem, specifically… But it is what it is, so if they won’t change that, nor give us more nullifiers, then nerf is the only other alternative…

I also don’t usually have much trouble with Mimus NOW… but when this happens it’s infuriating…